Time For Patriots To Push Back Against Anti-2A Activists

The leaders of the neo-socialist left never miss an opportunity to create labels out of thin air to stigmatize anyone hindering their quest for the eradication of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, so it was really no surprise when they completely ignored the failings of the state, county, and local governments in the Parkland, Florida school shooting on February 15th. Instead, they chose to demonize a completely unrelated group of five million American citizens who continually stand in the way of their Marxist utopia.

To read their social media posts and opinion pieces, one would think the president of the NRA himself broke through the door of the school, handed the culprit a fully automatic Heckler & Koch MP5, and pointed him in the right direction. As absurd as this sounds, it is precisely the image these fear-mongers want in your mind’s eye every time you see the ubiquitous NRA sticker in the back of any one of millions of vehicles across our great nation. You see, they excel at the art of indoctrination, especially when the indoctrinated are far too busy watching TV or playing video games to actually stop and think about what they are impassively nodding their heads in agreement to. After all, “common sense gun laws” sound logical when printed in bold italics at the top of the page, and that is usually where the reading ends for them. This makes it easy for the indoctrinators to demonize anyone questioning their lack of sound judgment, no matter how far away from factual reality they have strayed.

Well, to take a page out of their own playbook, I just want to let the totalitarian, gun-grabbing Diane Feinsteins and Shannon Watts of the nation understand a few things;

1) You do not get to call five million diverse, law-abiding American citizens “terrorists”. After watching various radical violent left-wing lunatics burn, destroy, beat innocent people, and threaten social civility over false narratives for the past eight years, you have completely lost your “assumed moral high ground” (not that you ever had it). It is no longer your privilege to bestow derogatory labels upon those you deem socially undesirable. It never was to begin with.

2) The Government, failed. Not the NRA, not the right, not the gun manufacturers, only the Government. Every law was in place to stop this miscreant from obtaining a gun, yet the laws were being intentionally skirted in order to “pad the numbers” for more government funding. If done by the book, this malefactor would never have been able to purchase a weapon, after having local law enforcement respond to 45 calls reporting a problem with him. Ah, but you’re not big on following laws that obstruct your never-ending quest for social justice, so they weren’t enforced, and it resulted in several dead children.

3) You do not get to say, “You cannot expect law enforcement to rush into an active shooter situation”, then turn around and immediately indicate that we cannot be trusted to defend ourselves and our children from armed lunatics. This paradox has cost you even more of your assumed credibility. Reasonable Americans everywhere have started asking themselves a simple question, “So, are we supposed to just stand there and hope we don’t die?” According to your own logic, your answer is a resounding “YES!”. We the People refuse to accept that answer.

4) The Second Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms will not go away. Every time you attempt to disarm Americans, weapon and ammunition sales spike. When you demonized the NRA, their membership skyrockets. When you shame companies into dropping sponsorships, their sales plummet, when a company pushes back against your bullying, their sales soar. This is a clear signal that law abiding, second amendment supporting Americans will not sit down and be quiet. Only a mentally deficient simpleton would miss this clear signal of resistance against your totalitarian agenda.

I do not apologize for being a gun owner, a concealed carrier, or an NRA member, and neither should you. After all, the statistics show that we are among the most law-abiding citizens in the nation. It is time to push back hard against these totalitarians and their nefarious agenda. Make no mistake, the focus here is on CONTROL, not guns. Once they disarm Americans, all of the wonderful oppression they have been trying to inflict upon our nation will flood into your everyday lives, and you will be powerless to resist. Once they have their way with your personal defense, you will be a victim; a victim of local crime, a victim of organized crime, and a victim of potential tyranny. The Constitution is on your side, not theirs. They know this, but they are going to do everything in their power to convince you otherwise.

Stand strong and push back, Patriots.


Allen Ray

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Taking A Mental Health Break

At the beginning of the primaries, I noticed a shift in behavior on the right. Maybe I was still naive to social media, but it seemed accounts that were joining together on conservative issues the day before began to attack each other over Trump’s announcement to throw his hat in the ring. I remember being stunned, and actually Tweeting “If we don’t stop attacking each other, we are through as a political party”. In my meager lifetime, I cannot remember uttering truer words.

Since that day, I have watched the right divide itself into warring tribes; MAGAs, Never-Trumpers, Former Never-Trumpers, the die-hard Cruz-Crew, the Trump-Train, etc., each with its unique set of beliefs, most unwilling to give an inch, let alone attempt to reach common ground. I have witnessed former allies turn into the bitterest of enemies at an alarming rate. Some fellow “conservatives” are still going as far as threatening other’s careers, lives, children, and future, all in the name of winning a single political talking point.

It has all become quite unsettling for me, to the point that I am quickly losing interest in the insanity that is today’s social media. This is sad, because I have made many good friends here, and discovered many a kindred spirit. But, this seems overshadowed lately by the terrible tragedy of friendships being ripped apart because of something as fatuous as a minor difference of opinion, and that difference somehow leads to accusations, name-calling, and finally, total shunning. Worse yet, I have found myself engaged in this insufferably neanderthalic behavior at times.

Well, gentle reader, I have had enough, and it’s time to detatch myself from this pandemonium for a while. I need to look in the mirror, remember who I am and where I came from, before I fall victim to the interminable melee that is Twitter.

In my absence, it is my dearest wish that each and every one of you claiming to be on the “political right” stop, pull back, and ask yourself, “Am I really going to end a friendship on a point of discussion, or will I agree to disagree and save a relationship that I have cultivated over the years?”

Likewise, look at the words before you hit the send button and ask yourself, “Is this building up, or tearing down, especially if it is a fellow conservative that I agree with most of the time?”

Before I am accused of being sanctimonious or hypocritical, I will freely admit that I am as guilty as the next person of tearing down when I should be respectfully disagreeing and moving on. However, I have realized the senselessness of that attitude, and I hope to change before being consumed by it. That is not me, and it was not how I was raised.

That being said, I would like to take this time to apologize to any former friends that I have driven away because of a “sticking point” that we cannot agree on.

Someone has to take the first step in the healing process, it may as well be me. It may as well be now. We need each other, or we will lose this great nation of ours.

Until I return, may peace and love find you.


Allen Ray

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The Democrat Narrative is Sucking Seawater


Greetings and salutations!

I hate when the left makes me defend Donald Trump, but here it goes;

Over the past few weeks it is becoming increasingly clear that our friends on the left are desperately grasping at straws trying to salvage their floundering attack on the sitting President. Much to their chagrin, the only bombs managed to be dropped by the Comey testimony are a) Comey was one of the leakers of government information, and b) Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton should be seriously investigated for obstruction of the Clinton email investigation. Instead of retreating in embarrassment, however, the Democrats have doubled down on their Russian collusion theory by calling for a special panel, now being staffed with known Hillary Clinton supporters, to further investigate Donald Trump’s possible collusion with the Russians.

In my honest and humble opinion, I believe the very first person that should be called to testify to this special committee is former President Barack Hussein Obama. If you remember, the then President of the United States Obama went before the American people via a press conference on August 4th, 2016 and, in his usual arrogant, sanctimonious demeanor, chided Donald Trump for even suggesting the election could be rigged (YouTube it, it’s out there). He then went into great detail to point out that the States, cities, municipalities, and precincts run individual elections and, if there were any problems, the Department of Justice would be right there to handle them for “We the People”. Likewise, he promised the “peaceful transition of power” no matter the outcome (I believe he meant to add “As long as Hillary Clinton wins”).

Likewise, I would be interested to see the investigation turn to sitting Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren, who began calling for his impeachment before he even took office. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters jumped onto that bandwagon as well, and should all be questioned about their motives. Did they, or do they, have ANY hard evidence that President Trump colluded with the Russian government to win the election? Where is the evidence? Why did the DNC refuse to allow their computers to be probed by Federal Authorities? Why have they been calling for impeachment before he even took office? Would they still be calling for an investigation if Hillary Clinton had won?

You see, before we can honestly figure out if we are dealing with a corrupt administration, we must first find out if the ones accusing the President are doing so based on hard evidence, or illegally slandering the President of the United States in order to overthrow the administration. If there were actual hard evidence, it should have been ushered out at the very onset of the accusations. I will be the first to admit that ANY President that collaborates with a foreign government to win an election should be immediately prosecuted. Yet, there is still no smoking gun. In fact, James Comey stated just the opposite, which left the Democrats their only option of trying to decide if the words “I hope” was a directive and not a wish. That is a pretty meager straw to grasp when trying to save a drowning narrative.

I won’t attempt to predict how this dog and pony show will play out. I only know that the entire Democrat party has gone completely insane with rage, and they are losing independent voters by the day with their disgusting behavior.

Transcript from The 5 Minute Patriot recorded 06/13/2017

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I remember hearing their names. I was very young back then, but I still remember. The dead, the wounded, the “missing in action”. One by one, our local radio station would read the names at 9 o’clock every night. That was my bed time back then. I would listen to the names as I drifted off to blissful slumber, too young to realize what the list of names meant. Too young and blissfully ignorant to realize the horrors that these young men faced as they crossed the gate into their eternity. Too young and blissfully ignorant of the politics, the protests, the failed leadership, the inane orders that were inevitable when a nation enters into a semi-commitment of a “police action”. I also remember the sadness in the broadcaster’s voice. Even though he was a professional, even though it was his job, he could not help but be betrayed by a slight quiver in his voice as he read the names.

Looking back, I realize why his voice quivered. He knew. He understood the sacrifice that was being made by these………these boys. Not really even men. Just boys, barely out of school. Yet, every night he read the names. One by one. This Private, Missing in Action. That Sargent, Killed in Action. That Private, wounded. On and on he would read. Like a demented lullaby, I would drift off to sleep as he read. Naïve to reality that was Vietnam. Unscathed by the inconsolable devastation a father was enduring over his son, or a mother over her baby. Mothers always see their children as babies…even when they are adults. I guess that is both a blessing and a curse that I, as a man, can never fully understand.

I am grown now, and less naïve. I understand what happened back then. I also understand that war really is hell. The scars it leaves, even on the heroes, are wounds that time cannot heal. The names mean more now. A mother’s son. A father’s pride and joy. A brother, even a sister that will never come home. A father that will forever be listed as “Missing in Action”. No funeral, no closure for the family….which may be even worse than news of death.

We’ve been through more wars since then, and I have seen the devastation war can cause, even when it is a war many miles away. We are no longer sheltered from reality, thanks to technology. And, it’s not just men giving their all, it’s women as well. They all fight for what they believe in, and sometimes die. The ones that survive are scarred, sometimes physically, sometimes mentally….and sometimes both.

It means more to me now that the memory of these young men and woman…..these boys and girls……never be forgotten. Their names need to be remembered. It is the least we can do to ensure their legacy lives on, even as some of their fates remain a mystery, left behind in a foreign land never to be found.

Remember them. Not merely their actions, but remember their names. Because, what are you without a name?

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Why Democrats Fail / Plus A Special Announcement

Greetings Hardcore Patriots. I hope today finds you healthy, happy, and determined to put this nation back on course! As you may or may not have noticed, I have taken a small break from my Hardcore Patriot podcast while I make a few improvements and take care of some family business. Stay tuned for some exciting news in that department, by the way.

As I sit out here in my Southeast Michigan cornfield and ponder the insanity that has besieged our country, a pattern of thought has begun to develop in my poor little brain, and I want you to take a moment to think this through with me.

We are watching the socialist left in this country melt down over several subjects; “Immigration” (actually Illegal Aliens), racial struggles, the alleged threat of authoritarian fascism, and on and on and on… Watching all of this chaos unfold begs the question; Why didn’t the Democrat party change the laws to solve all of these supposed atrocities while they were in power?

From 2008 through 2012, the Democrats had the power to change immigration laws to receive everyone crossing the border as citizens, and they did not. Likewise, they had EIGHT YEARS (2008-2016) of our first black president to take the opportunity to address inner-city problems that have destroyed thousands upon thousands of black lives, yet here we are in 2017, and inner cities have the same problems…. maybe even worse. And do I even need to discuss authoritarianism? Affordable Care Act, NSA spying on Americans, vilifying patriotism and rampant identity politics combined to form the most oppressive regime this nation has faced in my half-century on this great blue orb. Democrats had ample opportunity to reduce the powers of the Executive Branch so future presidents would have a difficult time wielding too much power, yet President Obama did quite the opposite. He raised the status of POTUS to the level of a king.

Now, these same Neo-Socialists (Formerly known as “liberals”) are taking to the streets and social media wailing and screaming over the actions of the current administration. Well, here’s a message to my little communist friends, if you really want to get to the core of the problem, you need to look no farther than your own beloved Democrat party, and its failed, short-sighted policies.

You see, the Democrats mistakenly assumed that they were going to be in power in one form or another for the next several years. They truly believed Obama’s long list of Executive Orders would endure the GOP takeover of Congress while their heiress to the throne, Hillary Clinton, stepped in to carry the scepter of socialist policies, so why bother to create actual laws to promote their agenda? Likewise, they foolishly assumed they could transform the Supreme Court into a stand-by law making machine set up to forever carry the biased socialist torch. Never did it occur to them that they were building a house of cards out of easily overturned EO’s and public shaming of anyone that did not fall in line with their goose-stepping agenda. Why didn’t they attempt to work through proper channels to “fix” what they perceived as issues plaguing this nation? Because, they knew they would fail!

You see, socialism is a failed form of government. We witnessed it in Greece, and we watched it threaten to take the entire European Union down with it. Socialism is failing in Venezuela as I write this. They have run out of other people’s money. Their “President” took advantage of his position and bilked the nation out of its wealth, which is something not uncommon to socialist nations, and now people are starving and beginning to rebel. Throughout history, nation after nation has failed under socialism, and the Democrat party wants to bring that same atrocity to the United States. Problem is, they know deep in their hearts that there are more people against them than support them, so they must try alternative methods of ushering in socialism to “save us from ourselves”. They are making every effort to give the appearance that America is begging to be controlled by a central, socialist authority. They’re sending brainwashed minions into the streets in an effort to accuse the GOP of the very thing they have spent eight years trying to usher in. They spend millions of dollars in efforts to take down right-leaning political talk show hosts and any other famous freedom-loving personality that exposes their plan. But still, they fail.

Why? Because they live in a bubble of their own making. They fail to see the variety of races, religions, and cultures that have joined together under the banner of Smaller Government and More Freedom.

It’s not just a “White Thing”.

It’s not just a “Christian Thing”.

It’s not just a “Flyover State Thing”.

It is a movement that started in 1776 and remains to this day. You can try to demonize it, you can try to make it sound racist, sexist, homophobic, or whatever, but the fact remains; We the People demand to be free from even the possibility of a future oppressive government. Socialism is NOT freedom, and the bulk of this nation knows this in their hearts. For every big personality they try to silence, there are thousands just like yours truly, that write, take to the airwaves, blast social media, and dedicate our time exposing the giant lie that is socialism.

I want to encourage you to support more local conservative radio shows, blogs, podcasts, and events that fight this abomination that threatens our sovereignty as free Americans! The time to step up is now!

That being said, I want to let you know that the Hardcore Patriot podcast is about to grow! I will be joining a group of broadcasters that have become more like family over the last few years. I encourage you to go to this link and add it to the favorites on your computer;


KLRN Radio will be picking up Hardcore Patriot and adding it to a repertoire of excellent shows that promote Liberty and Reason! I am excited (and a bit nervous) to be part of this great project! By listening and supporting projects like this, we take yet another step to remain free.

Be safe out there, and God Bless America!

Allen Ray

The Hardcore Patriot

P.S. Remember, Patriot is NOT a four letter word!

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Renaissance 2.0 Is Up To You

Approximately eight hundred years ago, a group of Italians got together and decided it would be a pretty neat idea to stop wandering around in the dark and pursue intellectual concepts to promote humanity as a whole. The renaissance that followed saw the development of the human mind and spirit that eventually led to the modern society in which we now thrive. Admittedly, there have been a few bumps on the intellectual super-highway. A few sharp curves almost threw us into a ditch as well. Overall, however, we’ve accomplished much in our little “western civilization”. Diseases have been cured, people have been fed, the overall human condition has improved, and we have all these cool little gadgets and gizmos that allow us to do really neat things without a lot of effort.

Flash forward to good ole’ 2017. Apparently, the very fact that these ancient intellectual developers had a rather pale complexion and were mostly men has become somewhat of a crime in certain schools of thought. It seems we are being told daily by supposedly highly educated elites that “white males” have had it too good for too long, and should now go to the back of the intellectual bus so others can take the lead. In their minds, the very fact that a person was born with male genitalia and a pale complexion automatically makes that person part of some secret society bent on keeping any other gender and complexion downtrodden and under control. These self-purported educational pioneers would have us all believe that the undoing of the white male would suddenly and quite magically create a surge in the development of the “anyone-other-than-white-male” segments of global society.

Far be it from me to question the reasoning of the obviously superior academic eggheads, but I’m seeing quite a few holes in this interesting and unreasonable social construct. The big hole is that this concept is as racist and sexist as the perceived bogeyman they pretend to fight. (Yes, there are a few idiots that actually believe the white race is superior, but they are equally pathetic morons).

You see, ANY plan that begins with the demise of ANY segment of society has already doomed itself to failure. Throughout history, several developing societies have blamed their shortcomings on another race, religion, and yes, even gender. The bulk of these societies no longer exist, and the ones that do have not advanced much. I guess these intellectual giants forgot to study this little truism of history before reaching their foregone conclusion. Even the “evil white man” had to learn this fact the hard way. Slavery corrupted the success of the United States and eventually led to a breakdown of the nation that took years to overcome. Nazi Germans learned the hard way that ridding the world of Jews did nothing but turn the world against them. Even the plight of Indians remains a blemish on the history of our great nation. However, these blemishes are not exclusive to the white male, and the misguided suggestion that the demise of this class of humans will cure anything amounts to nothing more than a lame excuse on the part of these “social justice warriors”.

Allow me to introduce a different way of thinking. You see, we live in an age where information and education is readily available to almost everyone in the United States and many other places in the world. Even inner cities and backwoods Appalachian settlements can, with minimum effort, get their hands on a book, a computer, or some sort of radio program that would allow them to expand their minds. We as humans of all races and genders are literally primed for a second renaissance that would boost the human element to levels never before imagined, but we have to reach for it.

Japan, China, and India, along with several other nations, see this renaissance developing and are taking full advantage of it. The people from those nations that come to America experience success after success, in spite of the theory that “evil white males” are keeping everyone down. Middle-Easterners move here, work hard and become successful business owners as well. Strangely enough, you never see them protesting the “white patriarchy” in the streets of New York. Likewise, I personally know women…..STRONG women….of every race and religion that have succeeded beyond anything I can imagine, and in the face of this dastardly secret society of white male oppressors that these farcical educated elites continually squeal about. These successful women actually tend to mock the idea of a glass ceiling.

All of the aforementioned groups have one thing in common. They are too busy creating their own success to fall victim to the idea of “white maleness”. They know in their hearts that the idea of a supposed “patriarchy” made up of fat, pale-faces is no excuse to sit down and give up. They realize that “white privilege” was a created hypothesis that toes the line of socialism, which will create a society where only a select few will wield absolute power over the faceless masses, removing all hope of personal success for anyone of any race or gender.

You see, just like this little group of Italians eight hundred years ago, we as humans…..ALL OF US, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, or whatever difference you can imagine…. must realize that our advancement is a personal choice. Education is out there, and it can be obtained even (*gasp*) WITHOUT a formal education that is quickly becoming unaffordable to the working class! All it takes is the desire and drive for self-improvement to overcome one’s perceived hurdles. The elimination or downgrading of any part of society will do nothing but degrade society as a whole. This flies in the face of modern social justice theory, but it is a reality that is deeply rooted in history and defies racial and gender barriers.

Perhaps the reduction of society to its lowest common denominator is the end goal of these neo-socialist educated elites, but as true Patriots, you and I should be encouraging and assisting in the individual education and success of every single American regardless of differences. The more intelligent a people, the harder they are to dupe into submission by the empty promises of a “nanny state”. The more successful we are as individuals, the less we can be controlled by power-hungry elites of any color or gender. Personal liberty defies oppression of any kind, and for some reason, this makes these same elites very uneasy. You want freedom? Great, it starts when you stop blaming others and start striving to become the best you can be, regardless of hurdles you may face. It continues when you instruct future generations to ignore the nay-sayers and continue the path of personal responsibility and enlightenment. This way of life knows no color, no gender, and will result in We the People remaining free for generations to come.

It is time for us to fight the misconception of “white male oppression”, and once again open the eyes of our fellow country men and women, regardless of race, to the reality of personal responsibility and individual success that we are known for. Being white does not mean being racist, and being male does not mean being sexist. This entire ideology is a lie meant to demonize one segment of society. Blaming others for failure is a laziness that will inevitably lead down a path of enslavement to a government that cannot fulfill the inane promise of the unobtainable “level playing field”. The truly “woke” know this.

Wouldn’t it be better to lift each other up without tearing each other down? Does all this make me a racist? A sexist? No, quite the opposite. I say stand up, be proud, and NEVER be ashamed of who you are. That, my friends, is true freedom.

God Bless America!
Allen Ray

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DNC Meltdown Turns Inward!!

Wow, what a week!

In my own little world, I’m having more fun than an old man should; playing music, doing interviews, scoring a two-week unemployment stint between jobs, and living easy enough to make me feel like a rock star.

In the outside world, things seem to be coming unhinged for certain non-right segments of society. While most of the conservative “Never-Trump” crowd are sitting back and letting our new POTUS try to prove himself, the fringe-demonic left has gone full-blown “Linda Blair”, complete with vagina clad spinning heads and venomous anti-conservative projectile spewing.

The last several months have found them floundering about for the ever-elusive outside force that cost them the throne for their beloved queen! Russian hackers, rural flyover state hicks, even more elusive rigged voting machines, the media, you name it, they’ve blamed it. And now, there are signs the Participation Trophy Party (Formerly the DNC) is starting to eat itself…racially!

It all began in the planning stages of the glorious Women’s March on Washington, that seemingly took a racially divided turn when black organizers pre-warned white women marchers that they should “listen more and talk less” . Some would-be marchers took offense to the warning and decided to stay home and stare longingly at the Hillary Clinton portraits above their mantles. It seems when the xenophobic finger of pretentiousness points back at the sanctimonious SJWs, turmoil ensues.

Now, Sally Boynton Brown (Idaho Democratic Party director and noted Caucasian) has made it her goal as possible DNC Chairperson to “shut other white people down when they want to say ‘Oh no, I’m not prejudiced, I’m a Democrat, I’m accepting.”

I’ll pause for a second so you can meditate on the implications of that statement.




Apparently, the Democrat party has realized that it cannot purge the rest of the world of its assumed racism while the same bigotry runs rife throughout its own ranks. The new paradigm is that white Democrats should quietly resign themselves to the back of the line…maybe ten humble paces behind…in remission for their sin of “Caucasianness.” It’s not enough that they renounce the racist organizations that Democrats started after the Civil War, or the segregationist doctrines they were so noted for during the Jim Crow and New Deal eras. No, there must be physical restitution in the form of submissiveness and penance.

Following this same thinking, can we expect the Democrats to purge all gun owners from its rank and file next? How about the expunging of any “pro-life” rationale before they burn the goat hair or whatever they do to swear allegiance to The Party? Will it be mandatory for Democrat men to become neutered in order to remain inoffensive to the neo-feminists? I’m no historian, but I can imagine the Spanish Inquisition started with this same path of logic.

Yes folks, the Democrat Party has become the party of Runaway Identity Politics. The next four years should be interesting as they dismantle themselves in a futile attempt to remove all the undesirable traits that cost them this election. That being said, don’t be surprised if you see a “Self-Flagellating Liberal March” on D.C. in 2020!


Allen Ray

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The Spirit of Pearl Harbor

I close my eyes and cannot even begin to imagine the ruthless nightmare that rained down from the skies at 7:55 a.m., December 7, 1941. The deafening sound of bombs and torpedoes ripping through ship’s decks and exploding, the demonic scream of diving Japanese aircraft as they targeted the sitting battleships anchored in the island paradise, the acrid smoke billowing from the drowning behemoths, the rows of aircraft being decimated in front of shocked eyes, return gunfire and flak filling the air, the screams of the wounded and dying men as they breathed their last, many probably not fully understanding what was unfolding before their eyes…it was 110 minutes of hell on earth. Seventy-five years later, we remember the day and pause to reflect on those that fought valiantly.

The average age of the dead was a mere 23 years old (My oldest son is 24). Lives that had barely begun, snuffed out in a moment. Or, worse yet, breathing their last while still firing at the formidable foe raining chaos down upon them, or sacrificing themselves to a watery grave so that the ones above may have a chance to fight on. When it was over, 2,335 servicemen were dead, with 1,143 additional wounded. I shudder to even consider the tragedy. They were so young.

The argument of whether the United States provoked Japan rages on to this day in some small circles. But regardless, it happened. On that day, there were no “safe spaces” to color and play with Play dough. There were no taped off “free speech zones” where one was forced to go if they had unpopular opinions. The media of the time could not have cared less about some screeching banshee throwing a tantrum because someone’s political opinion differed from hers. It was a different generation then. Fresh off the Great Depression, these young men and women knew what was truly important; the land that they loved. These are the children of the generation that built the Hoover Dam, worked for the Tennessee Valley Authority, or fought in World War I.

I look at what America has become today, and I tend to cringe. Every day on the news, or on social media, we catch stories of some attention-seeking Social Justice Extremist having a meltdown because the world did not bow to their whims. We see groups of precious little snowflakes literally having mental breakdowns because their candidate did not win an election. We have “microaggressions”! No, seriously, we have people that cannot handle society because they believe everything that is said around them is secretly coded aggressive behavior towards them and their race! We have public figures condemning segments of society because they believe they have had it “too good for too long”! We have large groups of people who have been convinced we MUST have government in every single aspect of our personal lives to survive. Backed by high-ranking brainless elected neo-socialists, these entranced minions continue to push their perverted principles upon society. It seems the nation is swiftly heading towards the abyss of social acquiescence to these loudmouthed farcical factions.

Ah, but all is not lost. The media always seems to ignore the backbone of our society. You see, for every Participation Trophy adult-infant screeching in front of a television camera, there are groups of young men and women that quietly dedicate their lives to the REAL betterment of America. Some of them quietly pick up a hammer and build, some become leaders in a local Church or Synagogue. Some simply marry, settle down, and (GASP!) raise families. Many dedicate their lives to securing our nation by joining the military or police force. These young men and women give me hope. I see them and talk to them every day. They too roll their eyes at the social morons that insist “stare-rape” is a real struggle. They have genuine values, excellent work ethics, and they long to be free to live their lives as they please.

Just like their great-grandfathers that fought and died at Pearl Harbor, or any other battlefield, these are the silent warriors of our nation. They don’t need attention, because they have high self-esteem. They carry guns because they understand the need to protect self and family. They worship God and hunt for their food. They are brilliant, despite not attending an Ivy League school. They can live off the land if need be, and they can also invent cures for diseases. You will probably never hear about them because most live in the dreaded “flyover states”, and they are simply not newsworthy. However, if another Pearl Harbor were to ever happen again, I have no doubt these warriors would rise up, gather their weapons, and give their lives to keep our nation safe.

The spirit of those that stood their ground on that fateful December morning lives on in these youths. We need to realize that whenever we are tempted to succumb to the stereotyping of the evening news. Just like Pearl Harbor, all is not lost, it is only the beginning of the war.

Here’s to the real youth of the nation!

God Bless!
Allen Ray

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The Other Side Of Free Speech

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  I love the 1st Amendment. The freedom of speech, religion, press, and the right of the people to peaceably assemble has a ring of freedom to it that cannot be matched. Whether you agree with someone’s point of view or not, their right to express it cannot, and should not, ever be restricted by our government. Now, I don’t know if our forefathers thought of this when they included the 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights, but allowing everyone to speak their mind is a blessing to freedom.

Allow me to explain;

Recently, with the death of Fidel Castro, I have witnessed supposed highly educated professionals on the left laud Castro’s socialist accomplishments. Touting his gifts to the people of “free healthcare”, “free electricity”, and a high literacy rate, they extol him as the ultimate social justice warrior. Setting aside his murderous tendencies, his outlawing of elections, and keeping Cuba frozen in time, he is heralded as a revolutionary and a champion of the people.

My response to all of this crazed fan-girling over a ruthless dictator? Let them talk! Let them type! Let them Tweet, Facebook, blog, rant and rave until they are blue in the face! (No pun intended). I welcome their point of view, especially the politicians and lobbyists on the left!


Because, they are showing the entire world the direction they want this nation to go. They are exposing their vision that includes the eradication of our freedoms. If they herald Castro as a hero, then they would have no problem whatsoever outlawing guns, forbidding free speech, taking your property for government use without compensation, and imprisoning you for dissention against their agenda. If you keep your eyes and ears open, and maybe take a few notes, the end-game of the left becomes very clear: Socialism and its evil brother…Communism.

Before you put a tinfoil helmet on me and label me a conspiracy theorist, hear me out. I honestly don’t believe ALL of the left want socialism or communism. I do think a large percent of Democrat voters either lean left because their parents do, lean left because they don’t trust the GOP after years of broken promises and failures, or are simply sheep in search of free stuff. However, key Democrat leaders show a very focused push towards total government control of your life via socialist programs and back breaking tax increases.

Most of said leaders are literally coming out and telling you they can control you through big government better than you can control yourself. Praising a noted communist tyrant publicly should send up all sorts of red flags and signal flares warning us that these people are the enemies of freedom. Write their names down. Cut and paste their writings. Listen to their messages. Then, in a few short years, rise up against them in the election and render them irrelevant.

Maintaining our freedom is a lifelong work. We the free people of the United States need to make it our job to keep and protect our liberties from those that would trade our freedom for a government issued security blanket. Socialism and Communism are notably failed forms of governments. They choke the souls out of their citizens, and create squalor and mediocrity for all but a few powerful political elites. So, let these enemies of freedom continue to spout their loathing for our liberties while being protected by the 1st Amendment, and we’ll keep remembering them on election days.

Allen Ray

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The Fight Continues In Your State



So, we have a new president elect. The left is in a strange and unreasonable melt-down-end-of-the-world type panic. Yours truly is merely taking in what we have in store for the next four years, and what we can do to restore our personal liberty back to some semblance of what our forefathers planned for us. Through all the name calling, finger pointing, accusations, and demands for a vote audit (That one makes me laugh hysterically), an interesting bit of information caught my eye.

It appears the Democrats were mostly unsuccessful in their bid to infiltrate state-level supreme court positions in battleground states. North Carolina being the exception, the bulk of the already conservative State Supreme Courts remained conservative. This is great news for the entire Nation, and I will explain why;

Last election, I caught wind of a Democrat plan to reconfigure existing laws through State Supreme Court precedent. The plan was to place Democrats in key State Supreme Court positions in order to sway court decisions more towards the left’s special interests, and to fulfill the socialist agenda. What exactly does this mean?

As you may or may not know, a State Supreme Court (Your state may call it something else) generally hears appeals and decides whether lower courts have made egregious errors in their rulings. The State Supreme Courts can then suggest a retrial or not, based on their hearing. This looks innocent enough, until one decides to use this power to push an agenda, instead of deciding the fairness of a trial.

For example, and this is a huge one; Let’s say a group of 20 Attorney Generals decide to go after a corporation for perceived “climate change lies” ( http://www.ecowatch.com/20-attorneys-general-launch-climate-fraud-investigation-of-exxon-1882200092.html ), and let’s say they do this at a state level, and the court decides that denying an inaccurate science is not against the law. The corporation is then ruled “not guilty”. The group of AGs in every state will, inevitably, appeal the ruling and attempt to take it to that state’s Supreme Court for a retrial decision. If these AGs lean to the left, and the State Supreme Court is loaded with liberal Democrats, the odds of this case being retried, and found in favor of the AG, will increase greatly. This sets a legal precedent for the rest of the similar witch hunts…errrr…..trials to proceed in the direction of the original trial, thus allowing for lower courts to accept the fact that questioning climate change science is a crime punishable by fines and jail time. If you cannot see the potential danger in this scenario, we should just stop here, and you can go on your merry tree hugging, flower kissing way.

Example two; Let’s say a dispute breaks out with a supposedly bi-partisan Civil Service Commission that wants to charge mandatory union dues to Michigan state employees. Anti-union employees contest the charge in a right-to -work state, and it goes to the State Supreme Court for a decision. ( http://www.freep.com/story/news/politics/2015/07/29/supreme-court-ruling-right-work-law-state-employees/30839363/ ). Now, if the State Supreme Court was decidedly Democrat, and funded by union lobbyists, this decision would inevitably be in favor of the union, not the individuals that want to decide for themselves whether they wish to support a union. The individual loses, socialism wins.

In closing, we as conservatarians, conservatives, or libertarians need to pay close attention to this new battle ground. Using a state level supreme court to set a big government socialist agenda through precedent allows an easier path to push big government socialist laws through state legislation. These actions open the door for a more socialist United States, overall.

Wake up, America. The fight for our freedom continues, and is infiltrating your local political scene more than you know. Education and involvement is the key to staying free!

God Bless a Free America!
Allen Ray

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