Welcome to the Dawghouse!

Photo_00004Welcome to my new blog! So glad you could visit. This will be different from my previous blog because I will include personal views along with political views. Feel free to follow, but be warned……you may have to think!!!!

It’s the night before a crucial election, so that is exactly what I want to address first!

1. Please VOTE!

I realize we all have different political views, we arrive at them in different ways, and we may or may not change them throughout our lives….but one thing is certain, by refusing to vote, you are giving up your piece of control over a government  that was intentionally set up to be controlled by the people. When you forfeit your power, someone else will gladly take it over for you…..and you may not like the direction they have in mind! If you do not think that your vote makes a difference, well….think again. Like Sean Hannity said four years ago….  “tomorrow, we will end up with the government we deserve”. This is true wisdom….think about it!

2. Think about who you are voting for and why.

Are you truly happy with the way your local, state, and federal government are being run? Do you get angry when you think about how your tax dollars are spent, or do you agree that the money is used for maximum effect? How did your candidate vote on different issues? Does he or she have a voting record? How do you find these things out?

Well, try using Project Vote Smart at www.votesmart.org . No spin, no mixed words, just straight facts, voting records, views, etc.

3. Encourage everyone you know to vote, even if you do not agree with their views.

The people MUST BE HEARD! Do I make myself very clear? A close election keeps politicians on both sides of the fence honest. This is your every-four-year-revolution! If you do not participate, you give up your power!

4. Finally, remember…we are all AMERICANS

Politics is one aspect of life. I have good friends that are Democrats, Liberals, TEA Party members, Libertarians, etc.…. It takes all kinds to make up our nation. Yes, I am a Conservative Constitutionalist*, but that doesn’t mean I refuse to associate with a progressive liberal….it just means we talk about something else between elections…..like GOLF! The point is, we are Americans first and foremost.

Good night, and God Bless the U.S.A.

*”Constitutionalism is descriptive of a complicated concept, deeply imbedded in historical experience, which subjects the officials who exercise governmental powers to the limitations of a higher law. Constitutionalism proclaims the desirability of the rule of law as opposed to rule by the arbitrary judgment or mere fiat of public officials…. Throughout the literature dealing with modern public law and the foundations of statecraft the central element of the concept of constitutionalism is that in political society government officials are not free to do anything they please in any manner they choose; they are bound to observe both the limitations on power and the procedures which are set out in the supreme, constitutional law of the community. It may therefore be said that the touchstone of constitutionalism is the concept of limited government under a higher law.”^ Philip P. Wiener, ed., “Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Studies of Selected Pivotal Ideas”


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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One Response to Welcome to the Dawghouse!

  1. Heather says:

    well said and well written! Keep it going big brother.

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