Peaked Taxes…or One Cannot Squeeze Blood from a Turnip!

Hi kids!! Its been awhile sine the old Dawg barked, but a few things have been getting under my collar and its time to do some snarling!

Today, I was reading a Yahoo story (Fairy Tale?) about different things that are “peaking” and driving up prices. Oil, coffee, tuna, etc.… ( then just below it was an interesting story about our President presenting a $3.8 TRILLION budget to Congress! (

Am I the only one seeing the issue here? Mr. President has just informed the nation that he will be needing much more of your tax dollars than he originally wanted. On top of the health care program that you will begin paying for this year, you will now be asked to pay for more of the the same Government that has already driven this nation over $14 trillion in debt! Do you have this kind of money? I don’t!!

News flash: Government is NOT free! It costs taxpayers money every time the Government grows! If you have a job and open your check to see well over a third of it missing, it is because you are paying for Government. When you buy gas, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, fishing license, ammunition, or any other item on a long list, you are paying even more taxes! When the Government passes laws, policies, larger budgets and new departments, it grows …..and when the Government grows, you will pay for it!

Now, we are all quick to criticize businesses where the CEO gets $10 million to drive the company into the ground, and rightfully so, but isn’t the same thing going on at a National level? The CEO of the United States (Mr. President) has just asked the board of directors (Congress) for $3.8 trillion of the investor’s (taxpayers) money to spend on the problem of broke investors (tax payers) !!! Does this even sound sane??

A message to Mr. President: Your tax dollars have PEAKED! There is no more money to spare. Our children must eat, our cars must be fueled in order to get to work so you can take well over a third of our pay, and our houses must be maintained. You are like a child in an arcade begging his Dad for quarters…well, Daddy has no more quarters to give you, and now it is time to stop playing games.

Let’s establish a few well known observations;

1. Everything has gone way up in price over the last decade. Gas, groceries, health care, automobiles, utilities, etc. has been on a steady rise since 1997.

2. The national debt is now at $15 trillion! ( Wanna watch it grow??? ). This can never be repaid and has a likelihood of resulting in the U.S. dollar being devalued. This will cause hyper-inflation.

(Note to the OWS crowd; all the wealthy people in the world combined can’t even come close to paying this. Sorry to burst your little bubble.)

2. Your pay has probably either stayed the same, gone down, or has grown very little in the last ten years.

What you pay out in taxes is already grossly disproportionate to what you will get in return, and now the Government is going to ask you to pay more of your money (which is not worth as much as it used to be) on programs and policy implementation (I’m not even going to talk about bailouts….makes me too mad).

What really needs to happen is a massive bureaucracy slim down. This Government is in bad financial health. When a corporation is in bad financial health, it trims down useless fat, cuts waste, and throws overweight, unnecessary baggage overboard! This is the same President that demanded General Motors trim its debt load, and become more efficient before they would receive help; why does he believe it is perfectly acceptable to “spend our way to a healthy economy”? This is madness!

It is time to call your Congressman and let him/her know that the taxpayers have nothing else to give. We have trimmed back our way of living…..ITS THEIR TURN!

Stay tuned…..I’ll be addressing the whole “devalued dollar” thing soon!


The Atomic Dawg!


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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