Take the Power Back……..Plant a Garden!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Atomic Dawg! I hope the day finds you snuggled up next to the one you love enjoying a nice quiet evening….but first, a little mind stimulation!

Last night I mentioned something about devaluing the dollar. Now this sounds pretty boring and uneventful, but you may wish to pay attention for a few seconds and read through this. Now, I am NOT an economist, so I can only explain this the way I understand it; At this moment, our Nation’s leaders have driven us $15 trillion dollars in debt. This makes any other period in history look like a bum borrowing fifty cents for a cup of coffee. The problem is, we are running out of ways to pay back that debt, and other nations are starting to look for other forms of payment that are not the U.S. dollar. The dollar is decreasing in value on the global market, and, if it loses its status as a dominant world currency, we are going to have problems. That’s the Reader’s Digest version of the story…I suggest you find intelligent, factual based articles to study up on the subject for yourself.

Ok, that was the boring part. The dramatic part is this; By the time you hear Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner back peddle against his October 2010 announcement, and come on TV to announce that the United States is going to devalue the dollar, it will be too late. This announcement will trigger a nasty little event called hyper-inflation. The worse case of hyper-inflation occurred in Yugoslavia between 1993 and 1994. Dr. Thayer Watkins describes the scene in his blog (http://www.rogershermansociety.org/yugoslavia.htm) as a continuing downward spiral of chaos and distrust between the Yugoslavian government and its people. Money became useless, government institutions began to slow and then shut down, staple foods became unobtainable, gas was expensive and rare, farmers and other government suppliers went on strike, people turned to looting and thievery to get basic needs for their families.  It was a “preppers” dream!

Note: Preppers are people that spend certain amounts of time preparing and storing food, fuels, and goods for an emergency. Some of them are a little fruity and paranoid, but most are wise sages that have incorporated Emergency Preparedness (EP) into their everyday lives, and know how to exist without electricity, computers, and gadgets. Read up on them, you can really learn a lot of cool stuff!

Will this happen here? Will we riot in the streets and burn businesses like they are doing in Greece because the people have been asked to give up a portion of their entitlements or the country will go bankrupt? Well, anything is possible.You may see rioting in bigger cities, because the lower middle class has their backs against the wall. Another price spike will drive many people over the edge. At the very least, I feel we are going to experience another economic downturn. Whether the dollar is devalued or not, this storm isn’t over! If gas prices spike this summer like the “experts” predict, all goods and services are going to follow….they can’t afford not to. We may even be facing another depression!

Let the Dawg give you a few nuggets of sunshine brought to you by my prepper friends. Put some thought into these ideas…you may even find them fun and cost saving.

1. Plant a garden. Buy or rent a rotor-tiller and dig up a chunk of your back yard, or your parents’ yard, if at all possible (I plan on expanding mine this year).Use non-hybrid seeds so nothing goes to waste and the seeds from your crops can be planted the next year. Mother Earth News magazine is an excellent source for learning how to be a mini-farmer. At $10 a year subscription price, its worth every penny!

2. Learn to can, freeze, and dehydrate food properly. If prices spike, you will be less dependent on the grocery store. Besides, your body wont miss the garbage that comes in a lot of store bought food!

3. Make every effort to live in a less populated area. The less the merrier. If things get bad, they’ll get really bad in the big cities first.  At the same time, however, begin to develop a network of friends that you trust in case times get hard and you need to lean on each other for trading skills, food, etc. (Church comes to mind). If you prefer the big city, focus more on security and your network of friends. There is strength in numbers….just ask the Bloods and the Crips.

4. Try to have at least one to  three months worth of non-perishable food available. FEMA even agrees with me on this one. Unfortunately, you will make the FBIs homeland terrorist watch list, but hey, any press is good press, right?? (I think Madonna said that). Seriously, when you don’t need assistance because you have planned ahead, it means you are an asset, not a liability. You will be able to help and not need to be helped.

5. Learn how to obtain and purify water. This one is a biggie! Learning this skill may be a matter of life and death in a lot of situations, so you should know it, regardless. There are good web sites out there that will give you all the information you need. Why don’t they teach this stuff in schools? Hmmmm….can we bump “tolerance” off the curriculum and add “common sense survival”?

6. Read! Turn off the TV, grab a book, go online, or get your Kindle, and find articles on what your grandparents did to survive hard times during the depression. Cut out, or print, articles on developing lost skills like sewing, cooking, canning, alternate heating, homesteading, and make a reference book…..just in case. Read up on how to invest or keep your money during hard times. There is a wealth of good information on surviving bad economies, but you wont find them on TV!

7. Relax! Have fun learning these new skills. Build relationships with neighbors. Get into the habit of being benevolent…it may become a necessity one day soon! Encourage others to network and pool resources. Reduce your dependence on government programs, increase interdependence between friends and family. This is a much more desirable situation to be in, especially if things get really bad!

I know this was a bit long, but trust me, its just scratching the surface. Its time to put “survival mode” back into your brain. If the economy does get better, and nothing ever comes of this craziness our Government is participating in, then you will at least have a healthy new habit of eating better, saving your money, and looking smart to your friends when they ask how you learned to start that fire without a match!

Until next time…….Peace and love!!

The Atomic Dawg!


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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  1. JC says:

    I agree! Nice post!

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