Drones and GPS Phones=One Step Closer to Having a Throne!


Go ahead, press on the link above….I dare ya! This will get your blood moving faster than doing wind sprints in a hurricane! It is wrong on so many levels, and every American from the fry cook at your local fast food chain all the way up to the CEO of Wal-Mart should be furious about this. Hopefully, it is a wake up call for all of you that have fallen asleep in front of the TV. Drones are coming to a neighborhood near you! Drones that have cameras that can see you any time of the day, and even be easily armed. Drones that can hover 400 feet off the ground and watch you, your family, your children, your pets, or anything else that the powers-that-be wish to watch. The government wants these drones in the air and watching by 2015…..three short years from now!

USA TODAY ( http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/story/2012-02-06/unmanned-drones-share-faa-airspace/52994752/1 ) reports that Congress AND the President are on a fast track to making this happen. Looking at the comments under each article gives the reader a clear picture of how WE THE PEOPLE feel about the whole thing. If our Government truly represents us, they may wish to take a step back and look at the response to their plan. It appears that around 99% of the people that responded to these articles are quite upset to say the least. Many of them are ready to shoot these drones down if flown over their property. Many of them want to go after the same government that is fast-tracking this legislation. However, there are the clueless few that ask the question, “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, why should you care?”

Well, this is your answer, my little Sleeping Beauties…..and you’re not going to like it one bit.  Standing alone, this little piece of legislation doesn’t look so bad, but lets add some scenarios to this and see what happens….

Lets say one of said drones is randomly buzzing around your neighborhood looking for illegal activity. You don’t see or hear it, but 250 ft. in the air, you are being filmed playing with your child. As you tackle your child gently in the soft grass and tickle his belly, the camera sees you throwing him to the ground and, because the angle is off, punching him in the stomach. Even though your child is laughing, the people on the control end of the drone have seen enough and decide to send in the law, child protective services, and any other authority they can contact. You are arrested, your child is whisked off to a foster home, and the long painful road of proving yourself innocent and getting your family back together has begun! Impossible, you say? Ask anyone that has taken a child to the local E.R. because the poor kid suffered a bump on the head playing ball, and see how fast the authorities show up. If you’re a man, you automatically are a child abuser until you can convince someone you aren’t. Trust me, I’ve been there…..guilty until proven innocent.

If THAT was too much for you, lets try another scenario. Say your children are outside of the school standing in a circle and they all decide to hold hands and close their eyes just to feel the breeze in their faces. A drone passes overhead and…..GASP!!!!! CHILDREN ARE PRAYING ON SCHOOL PROPERTY!!!! I don’t even have to describe the scene that would unfold after that.

One more scene for you. What if you come in from target practicing with your 9mm handgun after a Saturday of gardening, and are innocently sitting in your chair watching  FOX News, and you turn to see a black object staring back at you through the window. Unsettling thought, isn’t it? Now you’re on a “Domestic Terrorist” list because you are a conservative, FOX news watching, garden growing (prepper?), gun shooting monster that needs to be watched like a hawk….just in case you go over the edge and join the militia!!! By the way, this is already happening on several levels, but a hovering camera witnessing your actions will make better evidence against you when they decide to round you up if a major event happens and the President is forced to declare martial law.

These scenarios can go on and on. Each one of these is similar to news stories that appear in the paper every day: Stories like Federal Agents busting in the door of a house thinking they will find marijuana under heat lamps, but only find a tired mother of eight doing several loads of laundry…thus the heat signature from the infrared camera they were using to spy on her; Agents raiding the wrong house and holding families at gun point. The list goes on and on….and now they want to spy on citizens with high-tech drones? I think not!

Homeland Security agents have already been given enough power and tools to arrest and hold people without any reason at all in the name of “homeland terrorism”. You already have GPS on your cell phones and in new cars, so they KNOW where you are if they need you. They DO NOT need yet another tool to look in our windows and back yards to classify us and put us on lists…or misinterpret our actions as a threat. Our officials have enough power and these drones are another step closer to government tyranny! Its time to take the power back! Call your representative and tell them they have crossed a line that is not theirs to cross! We need to feel SAFE in our houses and yards, not WATCHED!

Keep up the good fight!


The Atomic Dawg!

P.S. Woof!!


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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