Who Needs the Military Anyway?

To start this off on the right note, I just want to give an enormous THANK-YOU to all of you that are in the military, have served in the military, or are planning on enlisting…and let’s not forget the mothers, fathers, wives, sons and daughters that have proudly endured the hardships and worry involved in having a loved one serve our great nation. It is my firm belief that those I have just mentioned deserve every benefit we can afford to give them for as long as they live, because it is through their strength and courage we remain a free nation.

I would also like to sincerely apologize on behalf of the patriotic American citizens for the stupidity currently brewing in Washington D.C. (see article:  http://freebeacon.com/trashing-tricare/ )

Your Commander-in-Chief, along with the thugs and tax dodgers surrounding him, has decided to try and cut into what little gratitude you are given in return for sacrificing your lives for our country. While ignoring (cowering to?) the cost of unionized civilian defense workers’ benefits, our President, the military’s Commander-in Chief, is attempting to reward your service by making you pay what little you make from the government, back to the government in the form of health insurance. For this, I am truly sorry.

This really riles the Dawg in me. Let’s look at this a little deeper; According to www.militaryfactory.com, E2 pay scale is about $1670 per month for a four year enlisted service person. For argument’s sake, that’s about $9.64 per hour IF the enlisted is working forty hours per week (I can hear you service people snickering….stop it, I’m trying to make this easy for everyone else to understand). I think it’s pretty safe to say that a unionized civilian defense worker is getting a little more than $9.64 and hour. I KNOW it’s safe to say that the fat, bloated politicians are making more than $9.64 an hour! Yet, who is risking more? The ones that have volunteered their lives to protect our country, that’s who! So why are they the ones being asked to foot the bill AND risk their lives?

I have a few questions for the President; With Iran, North Korea, and other half-cocked nations promising to bring us down, wouldn’t it be a wise idea to have a strong, healthy military? Likewise,  as a man that is seemingly trying his hardest to provoke an insurrection amongst the working class tax payers of the country, wouldn’t you want our vast military resources on your side, not standing against you? Do you truly believe, Mr. Obama, that you can keep this nation safe from within and without by systematically dismantling and discouraging our troops, along with the taxpayers that support them much more than they support you? If so, then you are more out of touch with reality than what I figured you were.

What is not understood here is this; we have the power of negotiation with other nations and factions BECAUSE OF, not in spite of, our military might to back a breakdown of said negotiations. We have peace on our shores because of the threat we pose, not because of our likeability as a nation. A boneheaded move like what is being proposed would send our service men and women running from the military, and keep new recruits from entering the service. With an anemic military, we open ourselves to all kinds of bad news. Is this what our President wants? Maybe he would rather rely on NATO troops for the protection of our nation? Maybe his plan really is to turn us over to the governing body of the United Nations? What could our Commander-in-Chief possibly be thinking….if he is using his brain at all?

The other day, I heard a poor misguided soul try to explain that Barak Hussein Obama has done more for the working man than anyone else. Yet, is this not another example in a long list of examples where Mr. President has once again attacked the working class with full force in an attempt to break our backs? Beginning this year, the time bombs will begin to go off. Taxes for our “free health care”, taxes to regain our money from bailing out banks and car manufacturers, higher food and fuel prices, and lower wages….all because businesses have been forced into paying for bloated government programs that have little likelihood of actually working. Guess what; the working class will pay. He has no intention of making the wealthy pay, or he would have immediately cut the six figure salaries that all senators and presidents make for LIFE! He is showing his true intentions by attacking the common enlisted military personnel.

Wake up America! The truth is coming out, and you will not catch it unless you are paying attention!

Keep up the good fight!


The Atomic Dawg!

p.s. Thank you, Camille, for turning me on to this looming tragedy, and for the pain you and your husband have endured for serving our great nation!

p.s.s. WOOF!


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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