The Real Homeland Terrorist Watch List

Greetings fellow Dawgs!!!

Lately, we’re hearing a lot about the infamous “Homeland Terrorist Watch List”.  The Government is trying to convince us that Christians, Patriots, Veterans, and Right to Life groups, along with several other REAL Americans, are terrorist time bombs waiting to go off and destroy a building, go on a shooting rampage, or blow themselves up in the middle of your local Wal-Mart. After running down several of these character traits, I am convinced that I am up for an award at this years “Most Watched” banquet!! If I went by their profiling, I should probably turn myself in just to protect me from myself!!!!!  The problem is…I cherish life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which means I am less likely to “go off” than the people that are supposedly protecting you from people like me. So why are they watching people like me? Is it because they want to change the definition of an American, therefore the need to criminalize what once was seen as a typical red-blooded American?

It got me thinking the other day; who are the REAL Homeland Terrorists? After looking at some very important historical documents, and hearing from some very prominent historical figures, I believe I have created a pretty adequate profile for the average American to keep an eye on.

I present to you the Real Homeland Terrorist Watch List!!!!

You are a suspected Homeland Terrorist if…

…you, as an elected or appointed official, threaten to take from the American Citizen one or more of the following;



c) The pursuit of happiness

…you, as an elected official, knowingly and willfully create a law that is in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States and/or the Bill of Rights

…you purposefully and knowingly use your power, whether political or appointed, treacherously against a citizens of the United States of America

…you, as a judge, use the power of your seat to create law instead of judge it to be right or wrong

….you, as an elected or appointed official, use your office to usurp or escape the law of the land

…you, as an appointed judge at any level, allow elitist influence to sway your judgment

…you, as an elected or appointed official, misappropriate taxpayer dollars in any manner whatsoever

…you, as a judge, elected, or appointed official, ignore the sovereign borders of the United States of America, and/ or turn a blind eye to ANY foreigner entering the United States illegally


People, this is merely the beginning of the Real Homeland Terrorist Watch List! Unfortunately, the suspects addressed in this list are in positions of power, and often attack our great nation openly and without concern of retribution. But we can stop these terrorists by pulling the trigger……..on the voting machines! Regardless of political affiliation, these cowards must be taken out of their positions and rendered ineffective in their quest to destroy America and wrest the power from the people!! Watch closely and observe which politician is voting which way. If they go against the Constitution, vote them OUT. If you see an appointed official abuse his or her power, demand punishment! Demand the firing of that official! Go to your local paper, radio station, or social media, and expose, expose, expose! We have media tools at our disposal that can spread evidence of corruption faster than the PR people can make up lies to cover it up. It is time we used these weapons to defend our nation!

We are ALL Homeland Security agents. Let’s do our job and hold the ones in power accountable to their positions!

Keep up the good fight!!


The Atomic Dawg!

p.s. WOOF!!!!


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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