Welcome to the Beginning of the End of Freedom

Congratulations Americans! The Supreme Court of the United States of America has deemed your National Health Care Law constitutional. We have entered a brand new era as a nation, and I hope you are ready for this socialist adventure we are about to embark upon. You got what you asked for, now you must live with it.  Because there are some out there that may not get what we are going to have to “live with”, let me throw a few concepts at you. (Turn your gadgets off for a few minutes and try to focus, please!)

First, this “health care for (almost) all” that the main stream media has been gushing over is a law that says you no longer have a choice to decline health insurance if you so desire. Oh, at first your little rebellion will result in a “tax” that penalizes you for making a choice, but after awhile, these penalties become more severe and you become a criminal for choosing to not buy health insurance.

“What’s the harm in that?”, you ask,”Everyone should be insured!”

Well, let me explain the big picture. There is this concept in law called legal precedent. Simply put, it means that once a decision is made in a high court, that decision sets the standard by which other cases will be ruled. In this case, the Supreme Court of the United States of America has deemed it within the confines of the Federal Government to force you to buy something and penalize you if you don’t.

This, my friends, opens a flood gate that will bite you right on your red-white-and-blue backsides, mark my words. If our Federal Government is within its bounds to force you to buy health care, what else will it force you to buy?

  • Maybe a “green vehicle” loaded with toxic batteries that costs more to operate than a gas powered vehicle?
  • Maybe heating and cooling credits to heat and cool your house? (See Cap and Trade Law)
  • Maybe a house within a “human habitat zone” instead of one in the country that may lead to urban sprawl?

The list is endless; and the Supreme Court has deemed it constitutional for the Federal Government to force you into buying what you may not be able to afford.

Second, you have lost your choice to fight high health insurance prices through tools like boycotting. This may seem trivial, but many products have been slammed back into realistic pricing by the consumer’s refusal to pay the price. Well, YOU NO LONGER HAVE THAT OPTION! To make it worse, the same geniuses that rushed this law into existence have admitted that rising health insurance prices show no signs of slowing down, and they have no idea how to bring the prices back down. Many will be forced to pay even more for health insurance and neglect things like home, food, clothing and education. At least you’ll be healthy…..maybe.

Third, the cost of this entire multi-trillion dollar plan will be paid for by the working class of this country. Not only will the working class now be required to buy costly, and ever-rising, health insurance, we will also be forced to foot the bill for those who cannot afford it. I know what you have been told, but let me give you a brutal lesson in the way things work; When the bill comes due and President Obama carries out his plan to “tax the wealthy”, the “wealthy” (business owners, investors, corporations, etc) are going to react to losing money by raising prices, laying off workers, lowering wages, and generally taking it out on the peons. On top of that, one can take all the money away from all the “wealthy” of this nation and not even put a dent in what this law will cost. Do the math yourself….it doesn’t add up. That money will have to come from somewhere, and it will come from you, working class citizens. You, your children, and your children’s children will be paying for this for years. You have become a slave to your taxes, and it will only get worse, I promise.

On top of everything else is a chaotic, bureaucracy that will find every way possible to make Government mandated healthcare as complex and inefficient as all of the other programs it attempts to run. Costs will balloon, effectiveness will decrease, the sick and afflicted will be scrutinized by cost cutters, and we will pay the price!

Independence Day is a week away, and our independence has just been deleted by a rogue government that is on the biggest power grab in the history of the United States. This year, instead of celebrating, we should be mourning and protesting. Unfortunately, that will not happen. Too many Americans have lost the ability to think deep enough to see the implications of what happened today, June 28, 2012. The day we lost our freedom to choose.

Keep up the fight…..and may God help us all!


The Atomic Dawg


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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