The Return of the Atomic Dawg!

Greetings !

On November 6, 2012, the ole’ dawg turned away in disgust, climbed back up on the porch, flopped down with his head on his paws, and watched the carnage of stupidity unfold before his cynical eyes. We’re coming up on two years since that day, and I now find I simply cannot contain the prolonged bark rumbling up from my body like a volcano ready to erupt!

The Dawg Has Had Enough!

Look at us now, my how we’ve grown! We are now $18 trillion in debt, have the largest, most personally intrusive social program we have ever experienced in this nation (ACA), the Cold War is nearly back in full swing, terrorist groups are beheading our reporters and murdering Christians throughout the Mid East, civil unrest is erupting in our cities, SWAT teams are busting down American citizen’s doors for seemingly minor infractions, our southern border lies unchecked and wide open as an invitation for any unsavory, anti-American faction to dance right in and have their way with our nation, and the leadership of this nation is more apt to call a working class voter a terrorist than they are to go after an actual threat to our nation.

This is America??? This is the “Land of the Free”???

I want to tell you a story about an old couple driving down the road in a dirty old pickup truck out in the country. The man sat behind the steering wheel guiding the old truck around potholes and curves, and the woman sat on the other side with her arm on the door, wistfully looking out the passenger side window. Breaking the silence, the old woman reminisced, “Remember when we were dating? We used to drive this road out to the lake. We would sit so close together and hold hands all the time. I miss those days!”

After a few moments of driving in silence, the old man turned to his wife and lovingly asked, “Who moved?”

You see, it wasn’t the old man that moved. He remained in the same position, in the place he had to be in order to make the old truck do its job. It was his bride, his beloved, that had lost track of where she was. The fix was easy, she simply had to slide back over, yet she spent years wondering why her husband didn’t show the same enthusiasm and affection when it was, in fact, her that slid over and over until she was nowhere near a place close to his proximity

Is Our Government an Old Woman?

Yes…..our modern day Federal Government has become the old woman in my little story (Shut up, FemiNazis, its for illustration purposes only). My point? A mere thirty years ago, it was not only acceptable, but EXPECTED for a man or woman, or both, to protect the family via a shotgun or handgun next to the side of the bed. It was shameful to be on welfare and most people did everything in their power to get themselves off of it if when they fell on hard times. Teenage pregnancy happened, but it was not something to be celebrated. A minimum wage job was what someone used to get their start in the working world. We spied on our enemies and protected our citizens. The American flag was something to pay homage to, and Christianity was seen as a moral compass that people took into consideration when they were raising children, voting for politicians, or generally deciding social behavior. Do we even need to get into the ILLEGAL immigration issue?

Now, in good ole’ 2014, if you have any weapon, or consider your Christian guidance when living your life, our Government considers you a national threat. “We the People” are now the focus of the Government’s close watch because, according to DHS, one of us could snap at any moment and blow up the entire infrastructure!  Our Government rewards welfare recipients and does everything in their power to keep them hooked on the system. Our Government rewards “children having babies” by giving them free college, free money per child, and again, does everything in their power to get and keep these young unwed mothers trapped in the system. Likewise, our Government has opened our southern borders and is fighting to bring in thousands of “undocumented people” (their new PC name for ILLEGAL immigrants) to, still again, get them trapped in our benevolent welfare system and keep them there! God, the American Flag, and quality education have been taken out of our schools and replaced with classes on “Tolerance”, how to prevent bullying, and why you should live in a grass hut and wear loin clothes to reduce your “carbon footprint” (A subject for a future bark!). In general, our Government has become what we used to go to war against in order to free foreign peoples!

“But,we’re still free, aren’t we?”

I beg to differ. You are free WITH CONDITIONS. Actually, with several conditions. Actually, you’re only free if you step in line with behavior that the Federal Government, partnered with the main stream media and liberal think tanks,have defined as acceptable.

Don’t believe me? March through a TSA checkpoint and tell them you are protected from unreasonable search and seizure by the Fourth Amendment. Remind them the United States Constitution requires that they obtain a warrant, sanctioned by a judge, to pat down your “personal assets”unless they have immediate and reasonable suspicions . Tell them they must have “probable cause” to lay a hand on you. After you wake up from being tasered into unconsciousness, beaten with clubs, and dragged off to Gitmo, come back and tell me how free you are!

Still don’t believe me? Walk into your nearest Department of Health and Human Services office and openly declare that, although you do not hate anyone, you oppose homosexuality, the concept of “white privilege”, or illegal immigration, and you are here to pray for the souls of those people as a good Christian should. I hope you’re wearing protective armor, because you are about to be introduced to your friendly neighborhood SWAT team, who has already labeled you a potentially violent terrorist nut job, and is on their way to ensure you do NOT bring your dreaded God into a Federal Government establishment!

Do we even have to discuss the Nazi SS style unconstitutional police state check points to ferret out potential “drunk drivers”?

Not feeling that dramatic? Okay, simply walk into a public library and make a finger gun. GASP!!! A FINGER GUN!!! DUCK AND COVER!!! Yep, you’ll be indicted for threatening behavior.

Or maybe, write a blog that opposes being targeted by the IRS, spied on by the NSA, or personally threatened by the DHS, even though your only past crime has been a traffic ticket!  Doesn’t matter….you are now guilty until proven innocent. We have been convinced that we simply cannot afford to wait until some blogger goes off the deep end and attacks a coffee shop, so we must prosecute citizens for thought crimes in order to remain safe!

Yes, fellow country men and women, we have lost our freedom.

How did that happen?

Here is the bottom line: Our Federal Government has stopped being a constitutional republic. We no longer have a Federal Government that represents a free thinking, intelligent people, we have a monster that believes it must control the “ignorant masses” to save us from ourselves. We have a Government that believes our needs are best served by catering to Wall Street. We have a Government that believes tax dollars are an infinite resource. We have a Government that has become more and more centralized, robbing more and more power from the States each day. We have a Government that now abides by the Golden Rule; He who has the gold makes the rules!

Corporations, special interest groups, and very wealthy individuals or families, using “campaign financing” to influence our laws are the ones driving this monster, not the voting citizen. Do you want proof? Use your handy little smart phone for something other than Facebook and type into a search engine, “Who Financed (insert politician name here). Look at the lobbyists driving the push to pass a law that flies in the face of our freedom. Look at the corporations and special interest groups that back fundraisers for the people on the national ballot. Do you think those resources are poor? And, what happens after the politician is elected? He/she/it (in the case of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) becomes a puppet to those resources of wealth that can magically dry up if said politician doesn’t bow to his financiers. Even well intentioned politicians fall victim to this coercion when it comes time to “pay the piper” and it comes time to “earn” that gift so benevolently bestowed upon him in the name of campaign finance.

Likewise, wealthy and heavily manipulated main stream media (MSM) sources use isolated incidents to promote an “agenda” by making it seem that the incident is commonplace, thus needing laws to make sure the incident never happens again. The incident is pounded into the ears, eyes, and brains of the public until a portion of them become stirred up and jump on the bandwagon with the media, making it seem like the entire nation is outraged.They attack their political opposites and rail on the political system until a law is introduced that gets railroaded through the system with little or no thought as to the long-term effect of said law (Or even READING the law in some cases). Meanwhile, “We the People” are fooled into thinking what is done is “best for us” when, in fact, it becomes a blatant, intentional erosion of our freedoms and a power grab for the political elite.

These two scenarios merely scratch the surface of how we lost our liberties. There is so much more to the story, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. So, lets move on.

What Do We Do?

The good news: We have weapons to fight back and get the old woman back on our side of the truck. We can, in very short time if we really wanted, completely change the course of this nation and steer it back to the free thinking, free living society it once was. Our forefathers knew this day would come, so they set up methods to overcome future tyranny. That future is now, and thanks to the same technology that oppresses, we can get the word out, wake the masses, and inform politicians that they are our representatives, not our controllers!

It has never been easier to directly contact the ones that supposedly represent you. It has never been easier to see which Congress person voted for what bill. It has never been easier for one person to reach THOUSANDS…..maybe MILLIONS to promote a candidate that has our freedom in mind or one that fails to represent the values of our nation. It has never been easier to spread the word about political corruption, unethical practices, or bills coming up for vote  that could erode freedom. It has never been easier, so why aren’t we?

Because, we’re scared! Because, we may have to commit! Because, we may have to do something other than watch TV! That’s why!

This was just an introduction into the Dawghouse. In the next few weeks, we are going to introduce ways you…..YES YOU….can bring the beast back under control; non-violently, without rioting or destroying ourselves in the process. We can save the future for our children, but, just like it was laziness and ignorance that brought us to this point, it is going to be hard work and intelligence that brings us back to a free nation. We have the tools, we simply need the drive.

In future blogs, we will look at things happening around us and what they mean. We will look at tools to whip the Government back under the control of “We the People” instead of “They the Special Interest Groups”. We will also get a little crazy and laugh at our world.

C’mon….you have to laugh or you’ll go insane!

I encourage you to scroll down and look at past blogs. Give input. Share with friends. Print posts out and hang them on walls (I trust you’ll do the right thing and give the Dawg a little credit, please). Finally, be nice. Don’t hate people for their differences in opinions…..well….unless they’re one of those truly obnoxious morons, but still…don’t break laws. I want you healthy, wealthy, and wise. We have a nation to take back.

Love to All!!!

Al “The Atomic Dawg”!

P.S. ….and I really have been waiting to type this for a few years……..WOOOOOOF!


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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