Election 2014: What Happened?


Its Friday after the election and the smoke is starting to clear from the voting warhead that was effectively dropped on the Democrat majority to blast them out of our Federal Government. The GOP victory hangovers have subsided, and the Democrats are laying in their corner licking their wounds in bitter frustration. But, just like every great “tragedy”(if you’re a Democrat), now comes the analysis, the questions, the accusations, the speculations, and the theories that try to explain why this ugly derailment of the Democrat’s gloriously lauded social engineering program occurred in the first place! I have heard and read my absolute fill of political geniuses’ opining over this great catastrophe, and I can no longer continue to laugh this hard without causing some kind of abdomen-related hernia or internal organ failure. These leftist brainiacs simply cannot fathom the obvious failing in this election even though it has been stated time and time again by literally millions of Americans across this great nation through their actions and voices.

Mind you, I’m not laughing at the losers (OK, a little bit), I’m laughing at the ignorance of the Democrat excuse machine to not recognize the white elephant (pun intended) in the room when it’s sitting in their chair and drinking their martini right now. Today, writing as a simple underling working class nobody, I am going to explain what these elite, think tank dwelling intellectuals cannot grasp. (I know, I have some nerve doing this! I mean, who am I but a simple Dawg in a Dawghouse?) I am going to explain, in childlike language so they can understand, why they lost this election in such an overwhelming manner.

Let’s start with the big one, the numero uno, the reason for the sudden flood of conservative voters that converged on the polls like illegal immigrants rushing the Texas border;

#1-The Democrat Big Government Idealism Did More Damage Than Good.

There, I said it, go ahead and let the hate begin. Before you do, however, think this through with me. The Affordable Care Act turned out to be an intrusive, expensive, broken disaster from its very first day. Any legislation that has to be amended, postponed, and fixed before it is even enforced is simply not a good piece of legislation. Even some of the most hardened liberals I know raised their loyal eyebrows over the three-ring circus that we “lovingly” know as Obamacare! It made the price of all healthcare skyrocket, it cancelled out many plans, it caused many businesses (mine included) to scale back the workforce to mainly part-time workers strictly kept to below 30 hours a week, and made buying expensive healthcare MANDATORY!

Note to the Democrat think tank eggheads: Americans (even liberal ones) do NOT like the word MANDATORY. The word has enslaving connotations connected to it. (You’re welcome)

Obamacare was the big one, but it seems for the past six years that the authoritarian overreach of the Federal Government has gotten wildly out of hand. Suddenly, patriotic Americans that lived their lives thinking our forefathers had a pretty neat idea in the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights, were labeled “homeland terrorists” by Democrat Senators for having the same beliefs that made this nation exceptional! The Patriot Act (which I have never agreed with) was extended by the President until 2015, then promptly turned against the citizens of the United States. Likewise, the TSA and NSA were sent to suspiciously inspect each and every one of us in  the name of Homeland Security. Even our children’s lunches were hijacked by the First Lady (I use the term Lady very, very loosely)! In short, the Democrat backed Federal Government deeply invaded our personal lives and it made the majority of Americans longing to experience the American Dream very uncomfortable! Uncomfortable enough to rise up, go to the voting booths, and politically overthrow the oppressive majority that were directly responsible for this discomfort.

#2 – Labels, Race Baiting, and the Demeaning of the American Patriot

  Since 2008, I have been slapped with so many labels that I now have a healthy identity crisis. Apparently, by birthright, I am a sexist, racist, white-privileged, gun-wielding, misogynist, Bible-clinging moron that NEEDS controlling by a higher entity to keep me from damaging myself and the people around me (Who knew??). Coming from some basement-dwelling troll, these labels are laughable spews of ignorance to be disregarded in the grand scheme of my life. However, when these labels come from high-ranking members of the Senate, and even the President, I raise an eyebrow in concern! When I see these lawmakers openly calling for the eradication of the same people they have so lovingly bestowed these labels upon, I start looking for legal actions I can take to protect myself and my like-minded Patriotic friends from this seemingly looming tyranny! Judging by astronomical gun and ammunition sales, the surge in the preparedness market, and the public outcry (mysteriously squelched by the main-stream media) to impeach these government entities, I would surmise that I am NOT the only one growing weary of these maniacs, and it shows by the sudden turn of the political tide against an uncouth regime.

Likewise, everything I do, say, think, or eat reeks of racism in the eyes of this administration. Sorry, I have to laugh at that. The word “racist” has become the whore of the English language; it’s for hire to anyone needing a quick argument against logical opposition. In reality, I have friends from nearly every race, culture, and religion you can think of. I play blues sometimes with one of the best black guitar players I have ever met, and consider him a brother. I have two Mexican “sisters” that lived with us a while after their mother died when I was a kid. The last thing I am is a racist, yet, because of my political affiliation, that is what I am by default. I find that thinking curiously……well……racist. The racism card was simply another tool used by the Obama administration to squelch opposition to his socialist agenda. I don’t think this worked very well, judging by some of the culturally diverse Republicans that were voted into office on Tuesday.

So there it is, Democrat eggheads. Do you get it now?

Funny enough, though, big government overreach and the demeaning and labeling of Americans does not enter the equation of the Democrat mathematicians that, even now, are crunching numbers, creating formulas, and contemplating their collective navels trying to figure out what went wrong. Yet, here I am, a simpleton, a nobody, a mere NASCAR dad (real race cars don’t have fenders…just sayin’) grabbing them by the shoulders and shoving their noses in the steaming pile of feces they stepped in to get to where they are today!

Wake up, Democrats! The United States of America does not want an authoritarian socialist government! That is why you lost this election, pure and simple!


Al,The Atomic Dawg


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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