Revenge Politics and the Orange Candidate

Well people, here we go again! Another election is months away, and I don’t remember a time where there is so much animosity, chaos, and even violence going into selecting the leader of what was once the greatest nation on the planet. It seems we will have a wonderful (sarcasm) choice to make between a hardened criminal socialist that screeches her lies so much I truly think she believes them herself, or an authoritarian mental catastrophe that changes his ideas and direction like a schizophrenic ADHD laden taxi driver whacked out on Skittles and Red Bull. In a time where this nation needs a deep thinking philosophical conservative with his/her feet anchored firmly in their beliefs in order to offset the Chicago style political destruction this nation has endured for the last seven years, the GOP has instead chosen to run an orange petulant child that excels at being the playground bully and Tweets like a 13 year old girl. My God, what have we done?

  I really don’t blame the voters for being deceived into electing Donald Trump in the primaries. They were angry…very angry. During the last election, we the people elected the GOP with overwhelming numbers to head to Washington D.C. and stop the speeding freight train of socialism called Barrack Obama from turning this country into a totalitarian nightmare. I don’t know where the communication failed, but the establishment GOP leadership misinterpreted our message and thought we said, “Go help that Obama fella succeed in destroying the nation!” And help him they did! I can’t even teach my dog to roll over and play dead as good as these supposed “conservative warriors” submitted. We sat in disbelief waiting for them to fight back….and they never did. The voters became irate. They were ready to vote for ANYTHING that was untainted by the malodorous stench of Washington D.C. Even if it meant voting for a complete imbecile, at least it wasn’t a GOP establishment imbecile.

  Now people will not seek change unless motivated, and anger is a powerful motivator. Unfortunately, anger also causes people to make rash decisions and lash out disproportionately to anything or anyone they feel is a threat. They become easily swayed by someone in a perceived leadership position that reflects their thoughts and angry ranting back to them. Enter “The Donald”, spewing regurgitated Facebook memes and irate Tweets like a human social media bot. Many normally rational thinking conservatives nodded in agreement and jumped on the “Trump Train” without giving his history or lack of reason a second thought. Some conservatives kept their eyes open and questioned the logic of this decision….and they were attacked full force by hateful, sneering derelicts that had no time for reason and logic. It was their turn and they would not be denied, which is a political attitude I like to call “Revenge Politics. This is the exact thought process that turned Detroit into a third world hellhole we’ve all loved and endured for the last sixty years, by the way. Are you getting the picture, yet?

   The left seems to not have it much better. Millennials have lined up single file behind Bernie Sanders, who holds slim to no chance of winning the Democratic nod, and are refusing to back down. I’m still questioning who exactly is supporting Hillary Clinton? It seems no one trusts her, no one is standing to defend her, and she’s just sort of sloshing around the country barking like a dog, screeching like a wounded jackal,  and generally babbling drunk and incoherently about her loathing for the Second Amendment, those right-wing extremists, and how The Donald will inevitably blow up the nation just like the George Bushes and Ronald Reagan did! (I know, I know….just don’t tell HER it didn’t really happen).

   Our future as a nation looks pretty grim, doesn’t it? You see, revenge politics is a nasty business. We’ve just endured seven years of it. Remember that smug little phrase “elections have consequences”? Well friends, that is the one thing our beloved dicta…errr…president nailed right on the head.

  Elections have consequences. If we continue to elect candidates as a revenge tactic, the downward spiral into the abyss of tyranny will continue. If we decide to actually look at a candidate’s track record, criminal history, leadership abilities, visions for the nation, and last but by no means least, their conservative philosophies, we may stand a chance of pulling the good ole’ USA back from the looming tyranny of failed socialism.

  The biggest hurdle to overcome in revenge politics is our own blindness. Yes, select your candidate, but do so with an extra helping of healthy skepticism. Listen to him/her. Watch their actions and reactions, hold their feet to the fire. We the People run this nation, not They the Government (A rant for another time). Do NOT be afraid to rethink your choice if your candidate turns rogue. I’m watching lunatic fandoms form for both candidates that defy logic and reason to a point its scary!

   We are going into the Republican National Convention in a few weeks. I expect chaos. I’m hoping and praying for no violence, but I won’t be surprised if it breaks out. You see, more and more people are waking up to the reality of the Nominee-To-Be, and they’re getting a very worried that he’s not going to be good for conservatism as a whole. A coup is forming, you can feel it. Unfortunately, many more have been blinded by rage and would vote for a stray dog….as long as the stray dog is not from Washington DC. My prayers are with anyone attending.

Remember, we are voting for the future of this nation, not for revenge against our adversaries.


God Bless

Allen Ray “The Atomic Dawg”


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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