While You Were Distracted…

What a crazy couple of weeks! This mud slinging crap-fest we call an election is spiraling out of control, with each side standing staunchly behind their high tensile -strength chalk line of supposed moral values, throwing accusations of sexual immorality and child rape at the other side. Political, intellectual, and cultural issues have been thrown into the back seat of the bus, and we have decided to turn this into an election of playground name-calling, past dredging, and meme trolling!

Jolly good fun!

  By the way, try to ignore the fact that our little friend in the “House that Slaves Built” (still laughing at that one) is driving us headlong into a war with Russia….well, if not flat out war, perhaps kicking up the embers of the Cold War and stoking them into a raging forest fire, once again.

You looked puzzled, friend. What is this tin-foil  hat wearing rebel talking about???

Well, while you were focused on which turd you wish to polish come election day, a few things have happened that that media has pulled your distracted little nose away from.

Thing one– On October 6th, Russia warned U.S. not to fly missions in Syria, and they were prepared to shoot down any U.S. plane attacking Syrian forces. That is YUGE! It is a very clear-cut signal that Russia has regained its lost military strength, and is staring down President Barack Hussein Obama. Likewise, it sends a signal that the Russians see Obama as weak and spineless (I wonder where they get THAT idea??)

Thing two– Several news agencies reported this week that Russia has conducted a massive nuclear attack drill with 40 million Russian citizens, 200,000 emergency response members and 50,000 units of equipment. Now, why would they be ramping up nuclear attack drills if they were expecting a peaceful resolution to the Syrian conflict? Could it be in preparation of retaliation to the buildup of Russian troops on the Ukraine boarder?

Thing three– NBC, in all their infinite stupidity, proudly announced that the CIA is preparing for a massive cyber-strike against Russia! Well, I guess they’re going to be very surprised, and spend several seconds wondering where that nasty nation-wide cyber virus came from….mere seconds before they launch several hundred warheads at the United States.

  You see, President Obama’s foreign policy with Russia has failed almost as miserably as his domestic policies concerning race relations and healthcare. Even the ultra-liberal Yahoo news attacked “Washington’s Russia Policy” (They wont point a finger at Der Fuhrer), and gave several guidelines for the President Elect to follow that differ drastically from what Obama is attempting at this moment ( https://www.yahoo.com/news/america-russia-policy-failed-222815619.html )

  At the risk of sounding like an old man, a large percent of the American and Russian population has forgotten the significance of Cold War I. Living under the constant threat of nuclear devastation was such a joy. Realizing that life as we know it could be eradicated at any second was a treat, until that big bad Ronald Reagan went and ruined it all for us!

Seriously, I was hoping my children, grand children, and their grandchildren after them would never know the threat of nuclear holocaust at the hands of a power hungry, moronic, political elite, but it appears they will….and soon. We can truly mark this as yet another of President Barack Hussein Obama’s epic failures. But now the big question…will the next United States President be able to put out the fire? Personally, the future looks bleak. On one hand, you have an inexperienced, non-intellectual, pseudo-conservative that has all of the grace and diplomatic finesse of a rabid pit-bull. His opponent is a hardened criminal bent on gaining every square inch of global power she can obtain, no matter the consequences to the unsavory hoi-palloi. It paints a pretty picture, doesn’t it?

  Patriots, at this time I invite you to clean a little of the election mud off your shining faces and start asking questions about the immediate future of this nation. If we don’t light this subject up now, there may not be a lot of the United States left to be politically discontent about tomorrow. 

Wake up America!! Your President has put you in danger!

Live Free!!!

Allen Ray

Update- Wikilinks wisely pointed out that the NSA, not the CIA, would be more apt to launch a cyber-strike against Russia. Its still ignorant and irresponsible for a news agency to endanger American lives.


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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