Elections Have Consequences, I Have A Message

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Donald Trump (It’s also no secret that I believe Hillary Clinton is the figurative reincarnation of Stalin). But, as someone that strives to be a gentleman, I congratulate President Elect Trump on his victory. I must also warn him, however, that there are millions of displaced “conservatarians” just like me that intend on holding his tiny little man bits to the fire in an attempt to create a workable conservative out of him for the next four years.

You see, I have no dog in this fight. The GOP ideologically left me several years ago, when their spines fell out after an overwhelming victory to take back Washington DC. They had the opportunity to make President Obama a lame duck, but decided instead to join him in his efforts to create the new United Socialist State of America. The Federal Government and the National Debt grew completely out of control, and all these newly empowered buffoons could do was point their fingers and whine. During the primaries, the GOP voters turned against anything that reeked of the beltway and the GOP’s malodorous betrayal. Enter “The Donald”. He was orange, he was crude, he was moronic, and he Tweeted like a thirteen-year-old girl, BUT, he didn’t stink of Washington DC, which is precisely why the bulk of disgruntled GOP hoi-palloi chose him to represent the right. At that point, I pretty much threw my hands in the air and walked away. At a point in time when we need an intellectual conservative that could begin to turn the wheels of the Federal Government back towards small government and more liberty, we instead chose a scatter-brained talking point parrot that I suspect has no real working plan for his first one hundred days in office. His supporters (read “fanatics”) brutally attacked anyone that questioned his ability, intellect, and intent. They (we) were told to “shut up, and step in line” or face consequences.

Well, I for one am not much of a goose-stepper. I am, however, a true Constitutional Conservative, Classic Liberal, and Conservatarian. I intend to spend the rest of my years dedicated to the fight of prying our liberties back away from Big Brother Federal Government and teaching the values of being a truly free American. If I must shout this message over the throngs of Trump reactionaries, so be it. But shout it I will.

This President Elect gets no free ride from me, and hopefully you will join me in holding him accountable as POTUS.

Allen Ray


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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5 Responses to Elections Have Consequences, I Have A Message

  1. gamingmodshop says:

    Nicely written. I went to bed shocked and woke up still befuddled as Trump is the elect. I would put myself in the same boat as you. I preferably would like an intellectual conservative who champions for a small government and low spending, but that is just not possible in our current state. You have two options and they were presented last night. The popular socialite liberal or the secretive GOP destroying candidate.

    This marks the end of the GOP we know. It is either going to go away and a new party will emerge, or it will form into this ‘party of the people’ that made Trump the elect. I, for one, am hoping that Trump does a good job and the liberals follow suit. Seeing that Democrats got swept in the Presidency, House, and Senate, hopefully we will see them succumb and work with Trump. This will unite Americans at a time we see the divide as great.

    My best case scenario is that Trump brings the divide together and does a decent job. This will unite Americans and will be better for all. His victory speech really shed some light on my hope for him. He could have been Classic Donald and focused on himself and his victory but instead talked about the American people as a whole and how they won against the system.

    Lets just hope for the best, I mean that’s what we all want in the end.

  2. Allen Ray says:

    Its like giving a 16yo the keys to a Ferrari. He’s either going to smash it on the nearest telephone pole or learn to drive. We live in interesting times, friend.

  3. Jaycephus says:

    Displaced conservative? I’ve been one for around 16 years at least, depending on how I measure it. Let’s just go from shortly after 9-11. (But post-Gingrich-revolution is a good point, too, when promises were discarded.) So who am I going to vote for in this election. Trump. Is he my perfect candidate? No, I didn’t vote for him in the primary. But if he’s truly pro-peace, anti-globalism, America-first? Then I’m for him. If he tries to jack up the Constitution? Then I’ll fight against that. But I’ve seen too many ‘conservatives’ lift up Clinton and say she’d be no worse than Obama. Excuse me? She’d be far, far worse with the number of SCOTUS appointments and her war-mongering, and her known corruption. But with the comparison point being Obama, that’s just as doubly ridiculous.

    But I agree that he’s sounding very presidential in the acceptance speech, so we’ll have to see. Of course I’m concerned about 2nd Amendment rights and other things, but Trump will be opposed by GOP-establishment types and by the media at every turn. At least with him, the designed checks and balances will work just fine.

    • Allen Ray says:

      It will be up to us to keep him in line. One good thing, this election and the last eight years have been a starting wake up call to defend our precious freedom. Fight the good fight, friend.

  4. brigadon says:

    You misspelled ‘Satan’ as ‘stalin’

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