The Fight Continues In Your State



So, we have a new president elect. The left is in a strange and unreasonable melt-down-end-of-the-world type panic. Yours truly is merely taking in what we have in store for the next four years, and what we can do to restore our personal liberty back to some semblance of what our forefathers planned for us. Through all the name calling, finger pointing, accusations, and demands for a vote audit (That one makes me laugh hysterically), an interesting bit of information caught my eye.

It appears the Democrats were mostly unsuccessful in their bid to infiltrate state-level supreme court positions in battleground states. North Carolina being the exception, the bulk of the already conservative State Supreme Courts remained conservative. This is great news for the entire Nation, and I will explain why;

Last election, I caught wind of a Democrat plan to reconfigure existing laws through State Supreme Court precedent. The plan was to place Democrats in key State Supreme Court positions in order to sway court decisions more towards the left’s special interests, and to fulfill the socialist agenda. What exactly does this mean?

As you may or may not know, a State Supreme Court (Your state may call it something else) generally hears appeals and decides whether lower courts have made egregious errors in their rulings. The State Supreme Courts can then suggest a retrial or not, based on their hearing. This looks innocent enough, until one decides to use this power to push an agenda, instead of deciding the fairness of a trial.

For example, and this is a huge one; Let’s say a group of 20 Attorney Generals decide to go after a corporation for perceived “climate change lies” ( ), and let’s say they do this at a state level, and the court decides that denying an inaccurate science is not against the law. The corporation is then ruled “not guilty”. The group of AGs in every state will, inevitably, appeal the ruling and attempt to take it to that state’s Supreme Court for a retrial decision. If these AGs lean to the left, and the State Supreme Court is loaded with liberal Democrats, the odds of this case being retried, and found in favor of the AG, will increase greatly. This sets a legal precedent for the rest of the similar witch hunts…errrr…..trials to proceed in the direction of the original trial, thus allowing for lower courts to accept the fact that questioning climate change science is a crime punishable by fines and jail time. If you cannot see the potential danger in this scenario, we should just stop here, and you can go on your merry tree hugging, flower kissing way.

Example two; Let’s say a dispute breaks out with a supposedly bi-partisan Civil Service Commission that wants to charge mandatory union dues to Michigan state employees. Anti-union employees contest the charge in a right-to -work state, and it goes to the State Supreme Court for a decision. ( ). Now, if the State Supreme Court was decidedly Democrat, and funded by union lobbyists, this decision would inevitably be in favor of the union, not the individuals that want to decide for themselves whether they wish to support a union. The individual loses, socialism wins.

In closing, we as conservatarians, conservatives, or libertarians need to pay close attention to this new battle ground. Using a state level supreme court to set a big government socialist agenda through precedent allows an easier path to push big government socialist laws through state legislation. These actions open the door for a more socialist United States, overall.

Wake up, America. The fight for our freedom continues, and is infiltrating your local political scene more than you know. Education and involvement is the key to staying free!

God Bless a Free America!
Allen Ray


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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