The Other Side Of Free Speech

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  I love the 1st Amendment. The freedom of speech, religion, press, and the right of the people to peaceably assemble has a ring of freedom to it that cannot be matched. Whether you agree with someone’s point of view or not, their right to express it cannot, and should not, ever be restricted by our government. Now, I don’t know if our forefathers thought of this when they included the 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights, but allowing everyone to speak their mind is a blessing to freedom.

Allow me to explain;

Recently, with the death of Fidel Castro, I have witnessed supposed highly educated professionals on the left laud Castro’s socialist accomplishments. Touting his gifts to the people of “free healthcare”, “free electricity”, and a high literacy rate, they extol him as the ultimate social justice warrior. Setting aside his murderous tendencies, his outlawing of elections, and keeping Cuba frozen in time, he is heralded as a revolutionary and a champion of the people.

My response to all of this crazed fan-girling over a ruthless dictator? Let them talk! Let them type! Let them Tweet, Facebook, blog, rant and rave until they are blue in the face! (No pun intended). I welcome their point of view, especially the politicians and lobbyists on the left!


Because, they are showing the entire world the direction they want this nation to go. They are exposing their vision that includes the eradication of our freedoms. If they herald Castro as a hero, then they would have no problem whatsoever outlawing guns, forbidding free speech, taking your property for government use without compensation, and imprisoning you for dissention against their agenda. If you keep your eyes and ears open, and maybe take a few notes, the end-game of the left becomes very clear: Socialism and its evil brother…Communism.

Before you put a tinfoil helmet on me and label me a conspiracy theorist, hear me out. I honestly don’t believe ALL of the left want socialism or communism. I do think a large percent of Democrat voters either lean left because their parents do, lean left because they don’t trust the GOP after years of broken promises and failures, or are simply sheep in search of free stuff. However, key Democrat leaders show a very focused push towards total government control of your life via socialist programs and back breaking tax increases.

Most of said leaders are literally coming out and telling you they can control you through big government better than you can control yourself. Praising a noted communist tyrant publicly should send up all sorts of red flags and signal flares warning us that these people are the enemies of freedom. Write their names down. Cut and paste their writings. Listen to their messages. Then, in a few short years, rise up against them in the election and render them irrelevant.

Maintaining our freedom is a lifelong work. We the free people of the United States need to make it our job to keep and protect our liberties from those that would trade our freedom for a government issued security blanket. Socialism and Communism are notably failed forms of governments. They choke the souls out of their citizens, and create squalor and mediocrity for all but a few powerful political elites. So, let these enemies of freedom continue to spout their loathing for our liberties while being protected by the 1st Amendment, and we’ll keep remembering them on election days.

Allen Ray


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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