The Spirit of Pearl Harbor

I close my eyes and cannot even begin to imagine the ruthless nightmare that rained down from the skies at 7:55 a.m., December 7, 1941. The deafening sound of bombs and torpedoes ripping through ship’s decks and exploding, the demonic scream of diving Japanese aircraft as they targeted the sitting battleships anchored in the island paradise, the acrid smoke billowing from the drowning behemoths, the rows of aircraft being decimated in front of shocked eyes, return gunfire and flak filling the air, the screams of the wounded and dying men as they breathed their last, many probably not fully understanding what was unfolding before their eyes…it was 110 minutes of hell on earth. Seventy-five years later, we remember the day and pause to reflect on those that fought valiantly.

The average age of the dead was a mere 23 years old (My oldest son is 24). Lives that had barely begun, snuffed out in a moment. Or, worse yet, breathing their last while still firing at the formidable foe raining chaos down upon them, or sacrificing themselves to a watery grave so that the ones above may have a chance to fight on. When it was over, 2,335 servicemen were dead, with 1,143 additional wounded. I shudder to even consider the tragedy. They were so young.

The argument of whether the United States provoked Japan rages on to this day in some small circles. But regardless, it happened. On that day, there were no “safe spaces” to color and play with Play dough. There were no taped off “free speech zones” where one was forced to go if they had unpopular opinions. The media of the time could not have cared less about some screeching banshee throwing a tantrum because someone’s political opinion differed from hers. It was a different generation then. Fresh off the Great Depression, these young men and women knew what was truly important; the land that they loved. These are the children of the generation that built the Hoover Dam, worked for the Tennessee Valley Authority, or fought in World War I.

I look at what America has become today, and I tend to cringe. Every day on the news, or on social media, we catch stories of some attention-seeking Social Justice Extremist having a meltdown because the world did not bow to their whims. We see groups of precious little snowflakes literally having mental breakdowns because their candidate did not win an election. We have “microaggressions”! No, seriously, we have people that cannot handle society because they believe everything that is said around them is secretly coded aggressive behavior towards them and their race! We have public figures condemning segments of society because they believe they have had it “too good for too long”! We have large groups of people who have been convinced we MUST have government in every single aspect of our personal lives to survive. Backed by high-ranking brainless elected neo-socialists, these entranced minions continue to push their perverted principles upon society. It seems the nation is swiftly heading towards the abyss of social acquiescence to these loudmouthed farcical factions.

Ah, but all is not lost. The media always seems to ignore the backbone of our society. You see, for every Participation Trophy adult-infant screeching in front of a television camera, there are groups of young men and women that quietly dedicate their lives to the REAL betterment of America. Some of them quietly pick up a hammer and build, some become leaders in a local Church or Synagogue. Some simply marry, settle down, and (GASP!) raise families. Many dedicate their lives to securing our nation by joining the military or police force. These young men and women give me hope. I see them and talk to them every day. They too roll their eyes at the social morons that insist “stare-rape” is a real struggle. They have genuine values, excellent work ethics, and they long to be free to live their lives as they please.

Just like their great-grandfathers that fought and died at Pearl Harbor, or any other battlefield, these are the silent warriors of our nation. They don’t need attention, because they have high self-esteem. They carry guns because they understand the need to protect self and family. They worship God and hunt for their food. They are brilliant, despite not attending an Ivy League school. They can live off the land if need be, and they can also invent cures for diseases. You will probably never hear about them because most live in the dreaded “flyover states”, and they are simply not newsworthy. However, if another Pearl Harbor were to ever happen again, I have no doubt these warriors would rise up, gather their weapons, and give their lives to keep our nation safe.

The spirit of those that stood their ground on that fateful December morning lives on in these youths. We need to realize that whenever we are tempted to succumb to the stereotyping of the evening news. Just like Pearl Harbor, all is not lost, it is only the beginning of the war.

Here’s to the real youth of the nation!

God Bless!
Allen Ray


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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