Renaissance 2.0 Is Up To You

Approximately eight hundred years ago, a group of Italians got together and decided it would be a pretty neat idea to stop wandering around in the dark and pursue intellectual concepts to promote humanity as a whole. The renaissance that followed saw the development of the human mind and spirit that eventually led to the modern society in which we now thrive. Admittedly, there have been a few bumps on the intellectual super-highway. A few sharp curves almost threw us into a ditch as well. Overall, however, we’ve accomplished much in our little “western civilization”. Diseases have been cured, people have been fed, the overall human condition has improved, and we have all these cool little gadgets and gizmos that allow us to do really neat things without a lot of effort.

Flash forward to good ole’ 2017. Apparently, the very fact that these ancient intellectual developers had a rather pale complexion and were mostly men has become somewhat of a crime in certain schools of thought. It seems we are being told daily by supposedly highly educated elites that “white males” have had it too good for too long, and should now go to the back of the intellectual bus so others can take the lead. In their minds, the very fact that a person was born with male genitalia and a pale complexion automatically makes that person part of some secret society bent on keeping any other gender and complexion downtrodden and under control. These self-purported educational pioneers would have us all believe that the undoing of the white male would suddenly and quite magically create a surge in the development of the “anyone-other-than-white-male” segments of global society.

Far be it from me to question the reasoning of the obviously superior academic eggheads, but I’m seeing quite a few holes in this interesting and unreasonable social construct. The big hole is that this concept is as racist and sexist as the perceived bogeyman they pretend to fight. (Yes, there are a few idiots that actually believe the white race is superior, but they are equally pathetic morons).

You see, ANY plan that begins with the demise of ANY segment of society has already doomed itself to failure. Throughout history, several developing societies have blamed their shortcomings on another race, religion, and yes, even gender. The bulk of these societies no longer exist, and the ones that do have not advanced much. I guess these intellectual giants forgot to study this little truism of history before reaching their foregone conclusion. Even the “evil white man” had to learn this fact the hard way. Slavery corrupted the success of the United States and eventually led to a breakdown of the nation that took years to overcome. Nazi Germans learned the hard way that ridding the world of Jews did nothing but turn the world against them. Even the plight of Indians remains a blemish on the history of our great nation. However, these blemishes are not exclusive to the white male, and the misguided suggestion that the demise of this class of humans will cure anything amounts to nothing more than a lame excuse on the part of these “social justice warriors”.

Allow me to introduce a different way of thinking. You see, we live in an age where information and education is readily available to almost everyone in the United States and many other places in the world. Even inner cities and backwoods Appalachian settlements can, with minimum effort, get their hands on a book, a computer, or some sort of radio program that would allow them to expand their minds. We as humans of all races and genders are literally primed for a second renaissance that would boost the human element to levels never before imagined, but we have to reach for it.

Japan, China, and India, along with several other nations, see this renaissance developing and are taking full advantage of it. The people from those nations that come to America experience success after success, in spite of the theory that “evil white males” are keeping everyone down. Middle-Easterners move here, work hard and become successful business owners as well. Strangely enough, you never see them protesting the “white patriarchy” in the streets of New York. Likewise, I personally know women…..STRONG women….of every race and religion that have succeeded beyond anything I can imagine, and in the face of this dastardly secret society of white male oppressors that these farcical educated elites continually squeal about. These successful women actually tend to mock the idea of a glass ceiling.

All of the aforementioned groups have one thing in common. They are too busy creating their own success to fall victim to the idea of “white maleness”. They know in their hearts that the idea of a supposed “patriarchy” made up of fat, pale-faces is no excuse to sit down and give up. They realize that “white privilege” was a created hypothesis that toes the line of socialism, which will create a society where only a select few will wield absolute power over the faceless masses, removing all hope of personal success for anyone of any race or gender.

You see, just like this little group of Italians eight hundred years ago, we as humans…..ALL OF US, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, or whatever difference you can imagine…. must realize that our advancement is a personal choice. Education is out there, and it can be obtained even (*gasp*) WITHOUT a formal education that is quickly becoming unaffordable to the working class! All it takes is the desire and drive for self-improvement to overcome one’s perceived hurdles. The elimination or downgrading of any part of society will do nothing but degrade society as a whole. This flies in the face of modern social justice theory, but it is a reality that is deeply rooted in history and defies racial and gender barriers.

Perhaps the reduction of society to its lowest common denominator is the end goal of these neo-socialist educated elites, but as true Patriots, you and I should be encouraging and assisting in the individual education and success of every single American regardless of differences. The more intelligent a people, the harder they are to dupe into submission by the empty promises of a “nanny state”. The more successful we are as individuals, the less we can be controlled by power-hungry elites of any color or gender. Personal liberty defies oppression of any kind, and for some reason, this makes these same elites very uneasy. You want freedom? Great, it starts when you stop blaming others and start striving to become the best you can be, regardless of hurdles you may face. It continues when you instruct future generations to ignore the nay-sayers and continue the path of personal responsibility and enlightenment. This way of life knows no color, no gender, and will result in We the People remaining free for generations to come.

It is time for us to fight the misconception of “white male oppression”, and once again open the eyes of our fellow country men and women, regardless of race, to the reality of personal responsibility and individual success that we are known for. Being white does not mean being racist, and being male does not mean being sexist. This entire ideology is a lie meant to demonize one segment of society. Blaming others for failure is a laziness that will inevitably lead down a path of enslavement to a government that cannot fulfill the inane promise of the unobtainable “level playing field”. The truly “woke” know this.

Wouldn’t it be better to lift each other up without tearing each other down? Does all this make me a racist? A sexist? No, quite the opposite. I say stand up, be proud, and NEVER be ashamed of who you are. That, my friends, is true freedom.

God Bless America!
Allen Ray


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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