Why Democrats Fail / Plus A Special Announcement

Greetings Hardcore Patriots. I hope today finds you healthy, happy, and determined to put this nation back on course! As you may or may not have noticed, I have taken a small break from my Hardcore Patriot podcast while I make a few improvements and take care of some family business. Stay tuned for some exciting news in that department, by the way.

As I sit out here in my Southeast Michigan cornfield and ponder the insanity that has besieged our country, a pattern of thought has begun to develop in my poor little brain, and I want you to take a moment to think this through with me.

We are watching the socialist left in this country melt down over several subjects; “Immigration” (actually Illegal Aliens), racial struggles, the alleged threat of authoritarian fascism, and on and on and on… Watching all of this chaos unfold begs the question; Why didn’t the Democrat party change the laws to solve all of these supposed atrocities while they were in power?

From 2008 through 2012, the Democrats had the power to change immigration laws to receive everyone crossing the border as citizens, and they did not. Likewise, they had EIGHT YEARS (2008-2016) of our first black president to take the opportunity to address inner-city problems that have destroyed thousands upon thousands of black lives, yet here we are in 2017, and inner cities have the same problems…. maybe even worse. And do I even need to discuss authoritarianism? Affordable Care Act, NSA spying on Americans, vilifying patriotism and rampant identity politics combined to form the most oppressive regime this nation has faced in my half-century on this great blue orb. Democrats had ample opportunity to reduce the powers of the Executive Branch so future presidents would have a difficult time wielding too much power, yet President Obama did quite the opposite. He raised the status of POTUS to the level of a king.

Now, these same Neo-Socialists (Formerly known as “liberals”) are taking to the streets and social media wailing and screaming over the actions of the current administration. Well, here’s a message to my little communist friends, if you really want to get to the core of the problem, you need to look no farther than your own beloved Democrat party, and its failed, short-sighted policies.

You see, the Democrats mistakenly assumed that they were going to be in power in one form or another for the next several years. They truly believed Obama’s long list of Executive Orders would endure the GOP takeover of Congress while their heiress to the throne, Hillary Clinton, stepped in to carry the scepter of socialist policies, so why bother to create actual laws to promote their agenda? Likewise, they foolishly assumed they could transform the Supreme Court into a stand-by law making machine set up to forever carry the biased socialist torch. Never did it occur to them that they were building a house of cards out of easily overturned EO’s and public shaming of anyone that did not fall in line with their goose-stepping agenda. Why didn’t they attempt to work through proper channels to “fix” what they perceived as issues plaguing this nation? Because, they knew they would fail!

You see, socialism is a failed form of government. We witnessed it in Greece, and we watched it threaten to take the entire European Union down with it. Socialism is failing in Venezuela as I write this. They have run out of other people’s money. Their “President” took advantage of his position and bilked the nation out of its wealth, which is something not uncommon to socialist nations, and now people are starving and beginning to rebel. Throughout history, nation after nation has failed under socialism, and the Democrat party wants to bring that same atrocity to the United States. Problem is, they know deep in their hearts that there are more people against them than support them, so they must try alternative methods of ushering in socialism to “save us from ourselves”. They are making every effort to give the appearance that America is begging to be controlled by a central, socialist authority. They’re sending brainwashed minions into the streets in an effort to accuse the GOP of the very thing they have spent eight years trying to usher in. They spend millions of dollars in efforts to take down right-leaning political talk show hosts and any other famous freedom-loving personality that exposes their plan. But still, they fail.

Why? Because they live in a bubble of their own making. They fail to see the variety of races, religions, and cultures that have joined together under the banner of Smaller Government and More Freedom.

It’s not just a “White Thing”.

It’s not just a “Christian Thing”.

It’s not just a “Flyover State Thing”.

It is a movement that started in 1776 and remains to this day. You can try to demonize it, you can try to make it sound racist, sexist, homophobic, or whatever, but the fact remains; We the People demand to be free from even the possibility of a future oppressive government. Socialism is NOT freedom, and the bulk of this nation knows this in their hearts. For every big personality they try to silence, there are thousands just like yours truly, that write, take to the airwaves, blast social media, and dedicate our time exposing the giant lie that is socialism.

I want to encourage you to support more local conservative radio shows, blogs, podcasts, and events that fight this abomination that threatens our sovereignty as free Americans! The time to step up is now!

That being said, I want to let you know that the Hardcore Patriot podcast is about to grow! I will be joining a group of broadcasters that have become more like family over the last few years. I encourage you to go to this link and add it to the favorites on your computer;


KLRN Radio will be picking up Hardcore Patriot and adding it to a repertoire of excellent shows that promote Liberty and Reason! I am excited (and a bit nervous) to be part of this great project! By listening and supporting projects like this, we take yet another step to remain free.

Be safe out there, and God Bless America!

Allen Ray

The Hardcore Patriot

P.S. Remember, Patriot is NOT a four letter word!


About Allen Ray

I'm not famous, I don't have a book out, and I live in a flyover state. I will, however, tell it like it is.
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