About Allen Ray

I grew up on the poor side of middle class. I remember my parents working very hard to provide my two sisters, my brother, and me three square meals a day, clothes and a decent house. Although we never had expensive toys, we were raised in a country paradise with fields, a pond, and a river running through our property in southern Michigan. I was raised on conservative values like personal responsibility, hard work, and putting God first. Welfare, food stamps, and charity were for those that were desperate, or refused to do what had to be done to provide for the family. I carry those values with me to this day. I understand that we’ve all had our burdens to bear, and it gives us different opinions on life…and if you find yourself offended by my content, then at least it has affected you in some way. All I ask is that you think for yourself and do not neglect what God has given you…..a life!


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