One Week After…

One week after the election –  It’s a beautiful day in Michigan. Fall chills have turned the tree lined landscape into a surreal painting of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns set against a backdrop of azure blue, dotted with tufts of white cotton clouds. A lumbering, green giant crawls across a golden field, picking up the last of the year’s harvest. The warm smell of fresh coffee fills the cockpit of my car as Pink Floyd softly wishes I was there. All in all, it’s the type of morning that keeps me anchored firmly in the rural soil of the state where I was born, raised, and will probably die. I’m okay with that.Contrary to popular paranoia, there are no nuclear warheads falling from the sky. I don’t see busloads of deported illegal immigrants pointed south towards the Mexican border. There are no goose-stepping brown-shirts marching through the streets incarcerating dissenters and hauling them to internment camps. In fact, there is nothing but business-as-usual out here in the liberal-dreaded “rural area”. Come to think of it, I can’t see any scorched earth, displaced polar bears, or ocean water creeping up to my back door, either.In fact, outside of the few sensationalized, and arguably funded protests, daily life is rolling on pretty much like it always has. Did my candidate win the presidency? No. I could not find it in my heart to pull the electoral trigger on neither a corruption laden socialist, nor a painfully moronic billionaire. I cast my vote in protest this year and I do not regret it an ounce. It allows me to be on the outside looking in on what is surely to be an interesting four years. I am still a hardcore Conservatarian, and the GOP nominee did nothing but brag about how much larger and more intrusive he was going to grow the Federal Government. But, that is an argument for another day.The point I wish to make is this; I’m not going to hang my head and wail. I am not going to take to the streets in protest because I failed to get my way. I am not grieving, or suffering from PTSD, nor am I depressed beyond functionality. I’m not looking for a “safe space”, or screaming that life as I know it, is over. I am not threatening to move out of the United States. These are the actions of the sanctimonious, yet ignorantly intolerant, socialist puppets. These are the actions of infants.My life, such as it is, carries on uninterrupted. I am concerned for this nation, just as I have been for the last eight years, but I continue to teach the benefits of my beliefs and lifestyle through my words and actions, especially locally where it has the biggest effect. To live any other way is to display spiteful ignorance to one’s fellow Americans, and to one’s self.The fact is, Trump is our new President. I will respect the office, just like I did for President Obama. That is, in its very essence, respect for the nation. Yet, that respect does not mean that I will blindly get in step with the new Commander in Chief. Oh, no…. quite the contrary. I will probably be harder on President Elect Trump than I was on President Obama. Why? Because, Trump is supposed to be the conservative leader. He is supposed to be the one that will stop the intrusive socialism we have endured for the last eight years. He was chosen to eradicate the tyranny of the neo-socialist left. His mouth wrote a very large check during the primaries, and I, along with thousands of other Conservatarian mouthpieces, intend to see that he cashes it. You will too, if you’re not asleep.If you voted for Trump, good for you…. you voted. I respect that. I won’t hate or bash you, and I expect the same treatment. But don’t be surprised if you see future posts pointing out his inconsistencies and falsehoods, if needed. In fact, I encourage you to read them and find out for yourself if you are being properly represented by your candidate. Be a watchdog, not a sheep.Cheers,Allen Ray

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Elections Have Consequences, I Have A Message

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Donald Trump (It’s also no secret that I believe Hillary Clinton is the figurative reincarnation of Stalin). But, as someone that strives to be a gentleman, I congratulate President Elect Trump on his victory. I must also warn him, however, that there are millions of displaced “conservatarians” just like me that intend on holding his tiny little man bits to the fire in an attempt to create a workable conservative out of him for the next four years.

You see, I have no dog in this fight. The GOP ideologically left me several years ago, when their spines fell out after an overwhelming victory to take back Washington DC. They had the opportunity to make President Obama a lame duck, but decided instead to join him in his efforts to create the new United Socialist State of America. The Federal Government and the National Debt grew completely out of control, and all these newly empowered buffoons could do was point their fingers and whine. During the primaries, the GOP voters turned against anything that reeked of the beltway and the GOP’s malodorous betrayal. Enter “The Donald”. He was orange, he was crude, he was moronic, and he Tweeted like a thirteen-year-old girl, BUT, he didn’t stink of Washington DC, which is precisely why the bulk of disgruntled GOP hoi-palloi chose him to represent the right. At that point, I pretty much threw my hands in the air and walked away. At a point in time when we need an intellectual conservative that could begin to turn the wheels of the Federal Government back towards small government and more liberty, we instead chose a scatter-brained talking point parrot that I suspect has no real working plan for his first one hundred days in office. His supporters (read “fanatics”) brutally attacked anyone that questioned his ability, intellect, and intent. They (we) were told to “shut up, and step in line” or face consequences.

Well, I for one am not much of a goose-stepper. I am, however, a true Constitutional Conservative, Classic Liberal, and Conservatarian. I intend to spend the rest of my years dedicated to the fight of prying our liberties back away from Big Brother Federal Government and teaching the values of being a truly free American. If I must shout this message over the throngs of Trump reactionaries, so be it. But shout it I will.

This President Elect gets no free ride from me, and hopefully you will join me in holding him accountable as POTUS.

Allen Ray

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While You Were Distracted…

What a crazy couple of weeks! This mud slinging crap-fest we call an election is spiraling out of control, with each side standing staunchly behind their high tensile -strength chalk line of supposed moral values, throwing accusations of sexual immorality and child rape at the other side. Political, intellectual, and cultural issues have been thrown into the back seat of the bus, and we have decided to turn this into an election of playground name-calling, past dredging, and meme trolling!

Jolly good fun!

  By the way, try to ignore the fact that our little friend in the “House that Slaves Built” (still laughing at that one) is driving us headlong into a war with Russia….well, if not flat out war, perhaps kicking up the embers of the Cold War and stoking them into a raging forest fire, once again.

You looked puzzled, friend. What is this tin-foil  hat wearing rebel talking about???

Well, while you were focused on which turd you wish to polish come election day, a few things have happened that that media has pulled your distracted little nose away from.

Thing one– On October 6th, Russia warned U.S. not to fly missions in Syria, and they were prepared to shoot down any U.S. plane attacking Syrian forces. That is YUGE! It is a very clear-cut signal that Russia has regained its lost military strength, and is staring down President Barack Hussein Obama. Likewise, it sends a signal that the Russians see Obama as weak and spineless (I wonder where they get THAT idea??)

Thing two– Several news agencies reported this week that Russia has conducted a massive nuclear attack drill with 40 million Russian citizens, 200,000 emergency response members and 50,000 units of equipment. Now, why would they be ramping up nuclear attack drills if they were expecting a peaceful resolution to the Syrian conflict? Could it be in preparation of retaliation to the buildup of Russian troops on the Ukraine boarder?

Thing three– NBC, in all their infinite stupidity, proudly announced that the CIA is preparing for a massive cyber-strike against Russia! Well, I guess they’re going to be very surprised, and spend several seconds wondering where that nasty nation-wide cyber virus came from….mere seconds before they launch several hundred warheads at the United States.

  You see, President Obama’s foreign policy with Russia has failed almost as miserably as his domestic policies concerning race relations and healthcare. Even the ultra-liberal Yahoo news attacked “Washington’s Russia Policy” (They wont point a finger at Der Fuhrer), and gave several guidelines for the President Elect to follow that differ drastically from what Obama is attempting at this moment ( )

  At the risk of sounding like an old man, a large percent of the American and Russian population has forgotten the significance of Cold War I. Living under the constant threat of nuclear devastation was such a joy. Realizing that life as we know it could be eradicated at any second was a treat, until that big bad Ronald Reagan went and ruined it all for us!

Seriously, I was hoping my children, grand children, and their grandchildren after them would never know the threat of nuclear holocaust at the hands of a power hungry, moronic, political elite, but it appears they will….and soon. We can truly mark this as yet another of President Barack Hussein Obama’s epic failures. But now the big question…will the next United States President be able to put out the fire? Personally, the future looks bleak. On one hand, you have an inexperienced, non-intellectual, pseudo-conservative that has all of the grace and diplomatic finesse of a rabid pit-bull. His opponent is a hardened criminal bent on gaining every square inch of global power she can obtain, no matter the consequences to the unsavory hoi-palloi. It paints a pretty picture, doesn’t it?

  Patriots, at this time I invite you to clean a little of the election mud off your shining faces and start asking questions about the immediate future of this nation. If we don’t light this subject up now, there may not be a lot of the United States left to be politically discontent about tomorrow. 

Wake up America!! Your President has put you in danger!

Live Free!!!

Allen Ray

Update- Wikilinks wisely pointed out that the NSA, not the CIA, would be more apt to launch a cyber-strike against Russia. Its still ignorant and irresponsible for a news agency to endanger American lives.

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Mental Health and Your Rights

1. Have you ever been declared clinically depressed by a physician?

2. Have you ever been hospitalized for depression, anxiety, or any other mental health reasons?

3. Have you ever been prescribed medication for depression, anxiety, or any other mental health reasons?

4. Have you ever been suspected by family, friends, or coworkers as having a mental health issue?

5. Have you ever had thoughts of suicide or bringing harm to others?

  I stared at the questionnaire in amazement and the blatant invasion of my privacy. All I wanted to do was register for press credentials so I could express my political views on a blog and maybe speak at the open-mic night at the local bar. Why did the government need to know about my past mental problems?

“What if I answer ‘yes’ to any of these?” I asked the administrator, trying to hide the anxiety in my voice.

  “Well, naturally, we will be forced to report you. Your computer, cell phone, tablet and probably all papers and pens will be confiscated.” She stated, matter-of-factly. “The new laws forbid anyone that has had a mental condition to infect the rest of the population with their depressions and anxieties! Do you want the whole nation to be upset? I mean, we just got the suicide rate down to an acceptable level!”

  “What about my First Amendment rights?” I questioned.

  “If you’re mentally stable, you wont have to worry about them.” She snapped. What are you, some kind of free speech freak?”……..


I know what you’re thinking;

It will never happen in AMERICA! How DARE I suggest that past mental health issues have ANYTHING to do with free speech! What does your past have to do with publishing your thoughts or speaking your mind??!!

Are you completely certain it wont happen here? The government has already classified certain words as “Hate Speech”. You can now be convicted of ‘Thought Crimes”. Authorities already completely ignore your constitutional rights and confiscate your personal possessions at the mere suggestion you are depressed, or have other mental health issues. Even if you are 100% cured, once you’ve been depressed, certain constitutional rights are denied….forever! Why not deny your free speech, as well?

  Oh sure, you will argue that its not the same. Free speech has never killed anyone!

Really? What about the teenager on Facebook that killed herself from being bullied?

What about riots and attacks on law enforcement officers started from just a few strong words at the right time?

Shouldn’t we trust the government to control that sort of thing?

  Does all of this sound silly to you, yet? If it does, then it also begs the question, “Why does the government have the power to permanently deny my Second Amendment rights based on my mental health history?”

Well, dear reader, it DOESN’T! The framers of the Bill of Rights did not place an asterisk, limitation, or set of  restrictions when they tackled the subject of free speech OR the right to defend one’s self, family, and property. These unconstitutional restrictions were established well after the fact by the same group of totalitarians that want to continue to deny more and more of our rights every day.

  We truly need to drop the hypocrisy on this “Mental Health Day”.  Yes, I understand that we sometimes need to protect someone from themselves and others, but do we take it too far? If depression is cured, if anxiety is overcome, why is the patient permanently labeled in the eyes of the government, and denied their basic rights?

Think about it!

Allen Ray

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Congratulations, You’re On a List!

In the early morning hours of June 12, 2016, 29 year old Omar Mateen walked into a noted gay bar called Pulse in Orlando Florida and began firing a Sig Sauer MCX rifle and a 9mm handgun. When the ordeal was finished, 49 people were dead and 53 more were injured. The attack was labeled as the worse gun violence in American history, and it took almost no time at all for social media to ignite in a wildfire of finger pointing, blame, causes, and conspiracy theories.

As predictable as ever, the anti-gun advocates kicked into high gear and started screaming for a ban on all AR15s, a move that makes about as much sense as trying to ban the car that drove Mateen to the scene of a crime. Screams for background checks (that already exist) and bans on automatic rifle (which also already exists) rose up from has-been celebrities and social media divas from coast to coast. Even Congressional Democrats joined in the festivities by coordinating an epically ignorant 14 hour filibuster to force their GOP adversaries into a vote to ban anyone on a terrorist watch list from buying firearms, along with other blatantly unconstitutional gun reforms.

As much as I would like to pick up my pitchfork and scream for any American citizen of Middle Eastern decent on a terrorist watch list to be banned from buying guns, the more rational, big-picture thinking side nudges me and shakes its logical finger in my face.

You see, the whole concept of a terrorist watch list aimed at American citizens is highly unconstitutional and completely ignores the rights of the citizen. At the heart of the problem lies the Fifth Amendment, “No person shall…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process” , and the Fourteenth Amendment that says, “Nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law”.

Senator Joe Manchin (D, WV) had an easy fix; get rid of due process! Seems legit for a political party that is trying to usher in totalitarian socialism, but for the rest of us with the notion of big-government-free liberty coursing through our grey matter, this poses a big problem.

First of all, how is an American citizen placed on a “terrorist watch list”? Of all places, and believe me, it pains me to say this, the Huffington Post ran an article on July 25, 2014 ( 7 Ways You (Yes You) Could End Up On A Terrorist Watch List, by Nick Wing). I suggest you read this, because Nick Wing nails it by writing, “Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux highlighted the extremely vague and loosely defined criteria developed by 19 Federal Agencies, supposedly to fight terrorism”. He goes on to tell us that you can be placed on a watch list by simply having crossed paths with someone that knows a terrorist, or even if an agent of the government checks a wrong box. No investigating, no due process, no defending yourself, just WHAM… are on a terrorist watch list!

Now, what could possibly go wrong with banning guns from people on a terrorist watch list? Forget all about the IRS (A Government Agency, cough, cough) singling out Conservative PACs along with other groups using conservative buzzwords in their titles for scrutiny. Forget about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton calling anyone that’s conservative an “extremist”. Forget about several Democrat Congressmen calling the NRA  members and anyone else with a gun terrorists. Forget about President Barrack Obama calling the right “bitter clingers to their Bibles and their guns”.

Wait, don’t forget about that, because this is the very heart of the matter!

The exact same people that forced the Affordable Care Act down our throats because it was “needed”, will assure us that they have the best interest of the American People in their innocent little hearts, even though their track record screams the exact opposite.  “We the People” would be insane to leave an unguarded open door for ANY party in the government or an agent thereof to place large swaths of innocent American citizens on terrorist watch lists and ban them from buying a weapon to defend their families and homes. Anyone that supports the idea of allowing random government agents to place anyone on a list without a specific set of constraints is either ignorant beyond comprehension, or perfectly fine with using the same technique Adolph Hitler used to single out Jews and other “enemies of the state” in Nazi Germany!

If our government insists on keeping these lists, which they will do with or without our approval, they can at least lay down guidelines so they can come a bit closer to the U.S. Constitution while they are out hunting “homeland terrorists”. I propose the following, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things, but at least this would help keep the Federal Leviathan under a little bit of control;

1) Any American Citizen being placed on a terrorist watch list should do so by court approval only, just like any other search and seizure (Yes, NSA, I’m looking at you).If there has to be a special non-partisan judicial panel to achieve this, so be it; I can think of worse things to spend tax dollars on.

2)Any list that the Federal Government or any agents or advisers thereof creates, whether good or bad, should be made completely public, and the American Citizen on said list should be notified within 24 hours of being placed on it so they can decide whether they are okay with being on a list, or they wish to hire the services of a lawyer and take the action to court.

3) The Federal Agency that puts an American Citizen on a list must prove that they have direct evidence of terrorist involvement or extreme behavior that may lead to such. The exact agent that puts the name on the list MUST be made available to the courts so he/she can be questioned for their decision.

4) If any Federal Agent, elected official, or employee of an elected official is found to be “targeting” American citizens for any self-serving purpose (Revenge, political strategy, etc.), it will be considered a Federal Crime and carry a mandatory 10 year prison sentence if found guilty. This is the most important criteria…it keeps people honest.

You see, “we the people” need to stop panicking and looking to the Federal Government every time a crisis arises. In the particular case of Omar Mateen and the Pulse shooting, the government failed on almost every level. The FBI not only knew the shooter, they were warned by a gun store that he was suspicious. Likewise, Law Enforcement could only stand outside and negotiate with Mateen after the 49 defenseless people were dead. Even the background check for Mateen to purchase the weapons he used turned up nothing…not even the fact that he had been investigated twice by Federal Agents. All of these are failed government actions, so don’t expect a group of hastily passed gun-control laws to work, either. Reality simply doesn’t work that way, no matter how much anti-2a advocates will attempt to convince you it does.

I know it seems counterintuitive, but the Federal Government needs to be put on a short leash before they diminish what’s left of our rights. You, yes you, need to start thinking more than ten seconds into the future and start taking personal protection personally. Like the giant FEMA billboard outside of my hometown says “Have a Plan”.

God Bless America!

Allen Ray

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Revenge Politics and the Orange Candidate

Well people, here we go again! Another election is months away, and I don’t remember a time where there is so much animosity, chaos, and even violence going into selecting the leader of what was once the greatest nation on the planet. It seems we will have a wonderful (sarcasm) choice to make between a hardened criminal socialist that screeches her lies so much I truly think she believes them herself, or an authoritarian mental catastrophe that changes his ideas and direction like a schizophrenic ADHD laden taxi driver whacked out on Skittles and Red Bull. In a time where this nation needs a deep thinking philosophical conservative with his/her feet anchored firmly in their beliefs in order to offset the Chicago style political destruction this nation has endured for the last seven years, the GOP has instead chosen to run an orange petulant child that excels at being the playground bully and Tweets like a 13 year old girl. My God, what have we done?

  I really don’t blame the voters for being deceived into electing Donald Trump in the primaries. They were angry…very angry. During the last election, we the people elected the GOP with overwhelming numbers to head to Washington D.C. and stop the speeding freight train of socialism called Barrack Obama from turning this country into a totalitarian nightmare. I don’t know where the communication failed, but the establishment GOP leadership misinterpreted our message and thought we said, “Go help that Obama fella succeed in destroying the nation!” And help him they did! I can’t even teach my dog to roll over and play dead as good as these supposed “conservative warriors” submitted. We sat in disbelief waiting for them to fight back….and they never did. The voters became irate. They were ready to vote for ANYTHING that was untainted by the malodorous stench of Washington D.C. Even if it meant voting for a complete imbecile, at least it wasn’t a GOP establishment imbecile.

  Now people will not seek change unless motivated, and anger is a powerful motivator. Unfortunately, anger also causes people to make rash decisions and lash out disproportionately to anything or anyone they feel is a threat. They become easily swayed by someone in a perceived leadership position that reflects their thoughts and angry ranting back to them. Enter “The Donald”, spewing regurgitated Facebook memes and irate Tweets like a human social media bot. Many normally rational thinking conservatives nodded in agreement and jumped on the “Trump Train” without giving his history or lack of reason a second thought. Some conservatives kept their eyes open and questioned the logic of this decision….and they were attacked full force by hateful, sneering derelicts that had no time for reason and logic. It was their turn and they would not be denied, which is a political attitude I like to call “Revenge Politics. This is the exact thought process that turned Detroit into a third world hellhole we’ve all loved and endured for the last sixty years, by the way. Are you getting the picture, yet?

   The left seems to not have it much better. Millennials have lined up single file behind Bernie Sanders, who holds slim to no chance of winning the Democratic nod, and are refusing to back down. I’m still questioning who exactly is supporting Hillary Clinton? It seems no one trusts her, no one is standing to defend her, and she’s just sort of sloshing around the country barking like a dog, screeching like a wounded jackal,  and generally babbling drunk and incoherently about her loathing for the Second Amendment, those right-wing extremists, and how The Donald will inevitably blow up the nation just like the George Bushes and Ronald Reagan did! (I know, I know….just don’t tell HER it didn’t really happen).

   Our future as a nation looks pretty grim, doesn’t it? You see, revenge politics is a nasty business. We’ve just endured seven years of it. Remember that smug little phrase “elections have consequences”? Well friends, that is the one thing our beloved dicta…errr…president nailed right on the head.

  Elections have consequences. If we continue to elect candidates as a revenge tactic, the downward spiral into the abyss of tyranny will continue. If we decide to actually look at a candidate’s track record, criminal history, leadership abilities, visions for the nation, and last but by no means least, their conservative philosophies, we may stand a chance of pulling the good ole’ USA back from the looming tyranny of failed socialism.

  The biggest hurdle to overcome in revenge politics is our own blindness. Yes, select your candidate, but do so with an extra helping of healthy skepticism. Listen to him/her. Watch their actions and reactions, hold their feet to the fire. We the People run this nation, not They the Government (A rant for another time). Do NOT be afraid to rethink your choice if your candidate turns rogue. I’m watching lunatic fandoms form for both candidates that defy logic and reason to a point its scary!

   We are going into the Republican National Convention in a few weeks. I expect chaos. I’m hoping and praying for no violence, but I won’t be surprised if it breaks out. You see, more and more people are waking up to the reality of the Nominee-To-Be, and they’re getting a very worried that he’s not going to be good for conservatism as a whole. A coup is forming, you can feel it. Unfortunately, many more have been blinded by rage and would vote for a stray dog….as long as the stray dog is not from Washington DC. My prayers are with anyone attending.

Remember, we are voting for the future of this nation, not for revenge against our adversaries.


God Bless

Allen Ray “The Atomic Dawg”

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Happy New Year From the Battle of the Mind!

A mere few hours from now, 2015 will be safely behind me, never to be experienced again, thank the merciful Maker for that! 2015 was a rather challenging year for me, but I won’t go into detail at the risk of boring you to tears. Suffice it to say, if hard times teach us lessons, I am working on my Doctorates in the School of Hard Knocks. I will add, however, that my time was not squandered in self pity and anxiety. I learned a lot about myself in 2015 that gave me strength and confidence to forge ahead in my goal to help you, the reader, to understand that we can restore this great nation one person at a time.

This Nation was built on hard times. From the Pilgrim’s first winter, to the Revolution, to the Civil war, to the Great Depression and two World Wars, we have not only endured hard times, but steeled ourselves against them to go into the future more industrious and intelligent. That is why America is an exceptional nation. We do not fold, we do not give up. We fight, and this is what I also must do as your fellow countryman.

But who is our enemy? Where is the foe that threatens our sovereignty and freedom? Therein lays the problem. This is not a battle we can fight with bullets and fists. If it were that simple, I would have every confidence that we could overcome in a timely manner and return to the American dream. No, this is a battle of idealisms run amok. The battlefield on which we fight is the battlefield of the mind, and quite truthfully, we’ve never been more ill-prepared in the history of our nation.

Oh, our enemy is not new. We’ve fought this battle several times in our nation’s young history. As recently as the 1930s and 40s, communism had solid roots in several political offices in our nation, sometimes under the guise of the Democratic Party. Much like today’s Socialist ideology, 1930s Communist party wished to squelch the “far right ideology” of capitalism, individualism, and American exceptionalism. In that day, the rise of the Third Reich and the ensuing World War woke the average American up to the reality of Communisms pitfall of creating economic squalor and totalitarian rule. The enemy we face today is not unlike that very same red-faced devil that promised to “bury our children”. However, somewhere along the way, a large portion of our nation has been persuaded to embrace this Socialist demon with open arms and without questioning its dubious history. (We will discuss HOW this happened in a later blog). Many are now condemning the very ideas that gave them the freedom to spew their venomous perversions for the mainstream media to dote on.

How do we even begin to combat this Socialist idealism, especially when it now comes from our Nation’s highest office? First and foremost, be aware that it is around us and often uses the aliases such as “Social Justice” or “Fundamental Transformation” among other pleasant sounding titles. Look for groups that redefine common words in order to  turn them against and shame the average citizen. Do NOT buy into the thinking that you must pay for the wrongdoings of your ancestors. Refuse to be shamed for who you are or how you were born. If you trace the history of these “Socialist weapons”, you will see that they are nothing new. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and other tyrants used similar methods to control the populace. This movement is n0 different. It is about controlling the “little people”….and you are the “little people”.

“Know thy enemy”

If you’re going to be a warrior on the battleground of the mind, you must develop your greatest weapon. This is the hard part. It takes a commitment to expand your thoughts, study the writings of our Nation’s founding fathers, and yes, study the tyrants of our history. Learn their techniques and downfalls. Only then will your greatest weapon, your mind, be ready for battle. Resolve to strengthen yourself in 2016!

We are fighting a short-sighted ideology that will inevitably destroy our economy, rob our freedom, and leave nothing for our children but third world conditions. Stay positive! The fight is ours to win!


Al “The Atomic Dawg”!

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Stopping Socialism in 2016!

Christmas is over, and the New Year is approaching like a welcome breath of fresh air! 2015 was a very challenging year for me personally, but it was also a year of growth, making new friends, new contacts, and generally falling in love with life again. This brings me to my post:

The ole’ Dawg is back in full force and, Lord willing, is going to attempt some pretty incredible things this year!

There’s an election coming up in 2016, and this election promises to define the direction our nation will follow for generations to come. Right now, it saddens me to say we are on the Snowball Express heading quickly into the depths of big government socialism. I am truly amazed at the number of people cheering this journey, never once questioning the failure of almost every single socialist regime in history! I shudder when I ponder the idea of trading my personal liberty for a handful of government-controlled entitlements. The very thought of placing my children’s future into the hands of the same entity that brought us Amtrak, the Affordable Care Act, and the VA catastrophe puts a knot in my stomach! I hear the same “you need government” argument over and over, and I do agree we must have order and process, but do we need to have this leviathan controlling every aspect of our existence? I think not!

I often ask myself, “What can I do to help stop this insanity?”

The answer….. “Not much, by myself.”

I can, however, sharpen my pen (or keyboard, if you will), and return to barking out the message as much as possible. If I can teach, cajole, or persuade a mere handful of people to stop and think about who and what they are promoting in the “Land of the Free”, maybe….just maybe, the message will spread.

I invite you all to do the same this year, and I’m not just talking about social media. Be a living example of what “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” looks like. Do NOT cower before those that attempt to shame you for your ideas, choice of words, or methods of defending yourself and family. Actions speak louder than words, so take actions based on your views. Get involved in local/state/national politics. If you’re too busy, then donate to a candidate that shares your values. Together, we can purge the socialist agenda from our government and gain our freedom back. It is not too late!

In the months ahead, I will be tackling issues and actions here as much as time will allow. I invite your feedback, questions and ideas. Most of all, I invite you to follow this blog! Together, we’ll make America great again!


Al “The Atomic Dawg”!

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The Analogy That Changed Me As A Dad

I really wish I could take credit for this story, because I’ve used it several times speaking publicly. Likewise, I wish I could remember where and when I first heard it;

A man steps into a taxi on a bustling city street one day, and simply tells the diver, “Drive”.

Unsure of himself, the taxi driver pulls into traffic, and takes off down the avenue. After a few blocks, the passenger slaps the driver on the back of the head and yells, “WHY DIDN’T YOU TURN RIGHT THERE?”

The confused driver meekly answers, “I didn’t know you wanted to go down that street!”

A few blocks later, the man slaps the driver on the back of the head again and screams, “YOU’VE MISSED THE TURN AGAIN! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”

Flustered, the driver turns the taxi around to take the road he was chastised for not taking. This scenario happens several more times before the frustrated taxi driver finally has enough, and leaves the passenger helpless and alone on the side of a busy street, miles from his destination.

Do we do this to our children? Do we punish a child before we explain to them the direction they need to take? How many times do we chastise and punish our children for an action they may not know is wrong, without first explaining to them that it is wrong and why it is wrong?

This is where the toes start to hurt (at least for me);

Do our children see a clear path in OUR lives that they can follow? If not, why not?

If we wish to preserve our Nation, our morals, and our freedom, we MUST follow the path ourselves, and then teach our children to follow the path by raising them with knowledge, patience, and integrity. Discipline is necessary, but without instruction first, it is only frustrating to a child.

Love & regards

Al “TheAtomicDawg”



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Election 2014: What Happened?


Its Friday after the election and the smoke is starting to clear from the voting warhead that was effectively dropped on the Democrat majority to blast them out of our Federal Government. The GOP victory hangovers have subsided, and the Democrats are laying in their corner licking their wounds in bitter frustration. But, just like every great “tragedy”(if you’re a Democrat), now comes the analysis, the questions, the accusations, the speculations, and the theories that try to explain why this ugly derailment of the Democrat’s gloriously lauded social engineering program occurred in the first place! I have heard and read my absolute fill of political geniuses’ opining over this great catastrophe, and I can no longer continue to laugh this hard without causing some kind of abdomen-related hernia or internal organ failure. These leftist brainiacs simply cannot fathom the obvious failing in this election even though it has been stated time and time again by literally millions of Americans across this great nation through their actions and voices.

Mind you, I’m not laughing at the losers (OK, a little bit), I’m laughing at the ignorance of the Democrat excuse machine to not recognize the white elephant (pun intended) in the room when it’s sitting in their chair and drinking their martini right now. Today, writing as a simple underling working class nobody, I am going to explain what these elite, think tank dwelling intellectuals cannot grasp. (I know, I have some nerve doing this! I mean, who am I but a simple Dawg in a Dawghouse?) I am going to explain, in childlike language so they can understand, why they lost this election in such an overwhelming manner.

Let’s start with the big one, the numero uno, the reason for the sudden flood of conservative voters that converged on the polls like illegal immigrants rushing the Texas border;

#1-The Democrat Big Government Idealism Did More Damage Than Good.

There, I said it, go ahead and let the hate begin. Before you do, however, think this through with me. The Affordable Care Act turned out to be an intrusive, expensive, broken disaster from its very first day. Any legislation that has to be amended, postponed, and fixed before it is even enforced is simply not a good piece of legislation. Even some of the most hardened liberals I know raised their loyal eyebrows over the three-ring circus that we “lovingly” know as Obamacare! It made the price of all healthcare skyrocket, it cancelled out many plans, it caused many businesses (mine included) to scale back the workforce to mainly part-time workers strictly kept to below 30 hours a week, and made buying expensive healthcare MANDATORY!

Note to the Democrat think tank eggheads: Americans (even liberal ones) do NOT like the word MANDATORY. The word has enslaving connotations connected to it. (You’re welcome)

Obamacare was the big one, but it seems for the past six years that the authoritarian overreach of the Federal Government has gotten wildly out of hand. Suddenly, patriotic Americans that lived their lives thinking our forefathers had a pretty neat idea in the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights, were labeled “homeland terrorists” by Democrat Senators for having the same beliefs that made this nation exceptional! The Patriot Act (which I have never agreed with) was extended by the President until 2015, then promptly turned against the citizens of the United States. Likewise, the TSA and NSA were sent to suspiciously inspect each and every one of us in  the name of Homeland Security. Even our children’s lunches were hijacked by the First Lady (I use the term Lady very, very loosely)! In short, the Democrat backed Federal Government deeply invaded our personal lives and it made the majority of Americans longing to experience the American Dream very uncomfortable! Uncomfortable enough to rise up, go to the voting booths, and politically overthrow the oppressive majority that were directly responsible for this discomfort.

#2 – Labels, Race Baiting, and the Demeaning of the American Patriot

  Since 2008, I have been slapped with so many labels that I now have a healthy identity crisis. Apparently, by birthright, I am a sexist, racist, white-privileged, gun-wielding, misogynist, Bible-clinging moron that NEEDS controlling by a higher entity to keep me from damaging myself and the people around me (Who knew??). Coming from some basement-dwelling troll, these labels are laughable spews of ignorance to be disregarded in the grand scheme of my life. However, when these labels come from high-ranking members of the Senate, and even the President, I raise an eyebrow in concern! When I see these lawmakers openly calling for the eradication of the same people they have so lovingly bestowed these labels upon, I start looking for legal actions I can take to protect myself and my like-minded Patriotic friends from this seemingly looming tyranny! Judging by astronomical gun and ammunition sales, the surge in the preparedness market, and the public outcry (mysteriously squelched by the main-stream media) to impeach these government entities, I would surmise that I am NOT the only one growing weary of these maniacs, and it shows by the sudden turn of the political tide against an uncouth regime.

Likewise, everything I do, say, think, or eat reeks of racism in the eyes of this administration. Sorry, I have to laugh at that. The word “racist” has become the whore of the English language; it’s for hire to anyone needing a quick argument against logical opposition. In reality, I have friends from nearly every race, culture, and religion you can think of. I play blues sometimes with one of the best black guitar players I have ever met, and consider him a brother. I have two Mexican “sisters” that lived with us a while after their mother died when I was a kid. The last thing I am is a racist, yet, because of my political affiliation, that is what I am by default. I find that thinking curiously……well……racist. The racism card was simply another tool used by the Obama administration to squelch opposition to his socialist agenda. I don’t think this worked very well, judging by some of the culturally diverse Republicans that were voted into office on Tuesday.

So there it is, Democrat eggheads. Do you get it now?

Funny enough, though, big government overreach and the demeaning and labeling of Americans does not enter the equation of the Democrat mathematicians that, even now, are crunching numbers, creating formulas, and contemplating their collective navels trying to figure out what went wrong. Yet, here I am, a simpleton, a nobody, a mere NASCAR dad (real race cars don’t have fenders…just sayin’) grabbing them by the shoulders and shoving their noses in the steaming pile of feces they stepped in to get to where they are today!

Wake up, Democrats! The United States of America does not want an authoritarian socialist government! That is why you lost this election, pure and simple!


Al,The Atomic Dawg

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